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Biology Questions and Answers

Biology Short Answers on Exam Questions Sample

Question 1. If you are a fish living in the deep sea, why would you want to have a BIG mouth? And photophores ?

In the deep sea, food is scarce, which implies that opportunities to feed are often infrequent. Therefore, any animal surviving in such an environment needs to have a big mouth. A big mouth armed with aggressive teeth and flexible jaws is necessary to take any opportunity to feed regardless of the size of the prey. The deep sea is also a hostile dark world. Photophores, therefore, play an indispensable role in creating bioluminescence. The light emitted from the photophores (either blue or red) serves various purposes such as communication, attracting mates and prey, and evading predators.

Question 2. Describe what is going on with the reproduction of the Angler fish. Be sure to talk about both the male and the female in this relationship. How does the female benefit from this particular situation? How does the male benefit from this particular relationship?

Angler fish reproduction entails a distinct symbiotic relationship. The female attracts the male angler fish using her photophores, but upon arrival, the smaller male parasitically latches the female. He fuses his circulatory system with that of the female. In return for nutrients and locomotion aid that the male receives from the female, he fertilizes her eggs.

Question 3. If you have the chance to take a trip in Alvin, would you do it? Given my description of the craft, what would conditions be like for you? What would you like to see?

If I got a chance to take a trip on the Alvin, I would take it with alacrity. The Alvin, as described, is not spacious, but its design would definitely take me to the places where few other underwater vehicles would take me. I would like to visit the deep sea in the Alvin as I would love to see the fish that reside in this cold and dark place.

Question 4. What is your favorite ocean creature, and why?  Be sure to describe something about it’s life history.

My favorite sea creature is a bottlenose dolphin. The dolphin is actually a sea mammal. Of all the sea creatures, the bottlenose dolphin is the most intelligent. It is also a highly social and curious animal. This species of dolphins stick to shallow stretches of the sea. To survive in the sea, the dolphin needs to come up to the surface to breathe through the blow hole. Dolphins eat small fish and can eat as much as 25 pounds per day. They live in families (called pods), which helps them to hunt and protect themselves. Humans do not use dolphins as they seem to love them. However, some people keep dolphins as their pets and teach them tricks.

Question 5. This ocean has many diverse types of ecosystems. Which one is your favorite and why? Provide a description of this ecosystem (who are the primary producers), and what other organisms live there. Are there any conservation issues in reference to this ecosystem?

The coral reef is one of my favorite ocean ecosystems because of the diversity of ocean life that it hosts and supports. The corrals are the producers in this system, and they provide a home to nearly a quarter of all marine species. However, the ecosystem is under a threat as a result of the increased human activities, and protection programs have to be set to help mitigate this.

Question 6. What about hydrothermal vents may provide insight into the evolution of life on earth. The Deep Sea in their series, Blue Planet.

Hydrothermal vents support an immense biomass under very high temperatures. The types of creatures that live in these regions provide insights into the early forms of life on Earth, thus aiding evolutionists.

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