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Religious Views on Death and the Afterlife

For thousands of years of human civilization, people followed a huge number of beliefs and religions. All of them, in one form or [...]

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Dark Web vs Deep Web

The internet has undergone a transformative evolution, altering our information retrieval methods and social connections. However,[...]

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Feminism: Is This Movement Good or Bad

Feminism has been a topic of heated debate for many years. While some people believe that feminism is a necessary movement to achi[...]

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Comparative Case Study: Nissan-Renault VS Hyundai-Kia

Businesses, especially the global ones like Nissan-Renault and Hyundai-Kia are increasingly facing more and more challenges every [...]

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Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book and The Bridegroom: Stories

Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book by Maxine Hong Kingston and The Bridegroom: Stories by Ha Jin are two literary works depicting Ea[...]

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Communication and the Media

Communication refers to the passage of information through a medium and receiving a feedback. Communication can take place at an i[...]

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Couples (A Comparison and Contrast Essay)

Introduction “Blackberries” by Ellen Hunnicutt and “Blackberries” by Leslie Norris are two short stories w[...]

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Jehovah’s Witnesses vs. Christianity

Historic Background The emergency of Jehovah’s Witnesses can be traced back to 1870s from the Bible movement established by Char[...]

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Woodstoves versus Pellet Stoves

Introduction During the winter season, most homes in the United States use different methods of to heat their homes. Among the com[...]

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Comparing The Spanish And English Exploration

The Spanish exploration of 1492-1548 and the English exploration of 1584-1648 were the most significant events in the Modern time,[...]

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Traditional Building vs. Innovational Building

Nowadays, architecture is one of the integral parts of human’s existence. It has deeply ingrained in the human mentality. More a[...]

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Comparison of “The Miller’s Tale” and “The Merchant’s Tale”

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer comprises of stories connected by 29 pilgrims headed for Saint Thomas Becket’s shrine i[...]

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The Policies of Arab Socialist Regimes

The term “Arab Socialism” is used to refer to the political philosophy based on the union of Pan-Arabism and socialism (Stein [...]

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Similarities between Buddhism and Islam

Buddhism and Islam are two religions that are the most dominant in Asia. They have a lot in common. The followers of both of them [...]

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Social Theories of Hobbes and Marx

Thomas Hobbes and Karl Marx represented different eras and each made significant contributions to the development of social concep[...]

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Sysco versus United Natural Foods

Abstract This paper is aimed at analyzing the competitive strategies utilized by Sysco and United Natural Food as the companies tr[...]

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Comparison of Assessment Tool Constructs

Introduction The assessment toolkit is one of the practices used in counseling. Various toolkits present in different social spher[...]

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Diabetes Mellitus and Depression: The Comparison

Part 1 At first view, diabetes mellitus and depression can be perceived as incomparable diseases. Indeed, diabetes is a physical d[...]

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Orphan Train and A Walk Across America: Comparison and Contrast

The fiction work, Orphan Train, highlights the story of Vivian Daly, an orphan who is on a journey to find a family that would tak[...]

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Comparison between Tom In “Miller’s Crossing” And Jack In “The Shining”

Introduction In a film, the role of an actor is to portray its main message and theme (Caine 1-20). In this sense, the audience ca[...]

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Scientific Contributions of Alexander Fleming and Charles Darwin

Introduction It is difficult to imagine the contemporary scientific progress without the theoretical and practical breakthroughs o[...]

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A Comparison between “Beowulf” and “The Seafarer”

Introduction Anglo-Saxon literature is rich in epic poetry. The well-known example of it is “Beowulf“. This Old Englis[...]

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Direct versus Indirect Communication

The chapter regards direct versus indirect communication strategies, especially comparing American culture to other cultures. Pers[...]

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Comparison between Confessions of a Mask and Black Rain

Expression of Death and Loss Speaking about Mishima Yukio’s Confessions of a Mask, the narrator attempts to portray his own enti[...]

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Comparing Islam to Christianity

Introduction This research paper focuses on a side-by-side comparison of the religious beliefs and practices of Christianity and I[...]

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College Sports versus Education

Development of physical culture and sport always relate to such essential elements as healthy lifestyles, especially if the youth [...]

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Comparison between Citizenship Rights in Egypt before and after the Revolution

Civil rights mean the rights of citizens in a country to social and political freedom, as well as the equality. This is a class of[...]

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Functionalism vs. Behaviorism

Functionalism connects stimuli, pain and response to other mind states and, thus, it is the best compared to Behaviorism. Today, m[...]

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Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers Vs Hand Washing

Introduction Hand hygiene has been emphasized upon realizing that most of nosocomial infections were transmitted through soiled ha[...]

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Comparison of the Mid-Atlantic and Southern Colonies

Introduction Early American history is full of exciting events, brave conquests and unmatched victories. At the same time it conta[...]

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Dalai Lama’s religious advocacy from viewpoint of John Hick’s pluralistic theory

The treble typology of pluralism, inclusivism and exclusivism was proposed by Alan Race in his influential work Christians and Rel[...]

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Health Care in Spain in Comparison to the USA

Introduction Spain covers an area of 505,955 km2. Due to its comparatively large size in Europe, it is the third largest country. [...]

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Non-Violence vs. Self-Defense

African-American literature was influenced by the great diaspora of the African Americans whose history is full of suffering, sadn[...]

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Comparing and Contrasting Kay and Wart in The Once and Future King

Introduction White presents to the reader a relationship between two brothers; Kay and Wart, also known as Arthur. Though they are[...]

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Kodak and Fujifilm

Abstract Management within and company plays a crucial role toward sustainability of the business operations. Managerial decision [...]

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How Is Internet Censorship Used in China and Around the World

Internet is an inseparable part of modern life. It gives people access to more information within the shortest time than any previ[...]

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American and European Values

Currently, the United States and European Union could be considered the most powerful states at the international scene. Their lin[...]

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Private Prisons vs. Public Prisons: Inmate Perspectives and Rehabilitative Effectiveness

Abstract Recidivism rates in the American prisons have continued to increase in spite of various reforms that have been implemente[...]

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Comparison of Renaissance and Classical Music

Introduction Music is one of the essential elements of culture, which has guided the humanity from the first days of its existence[...]

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The Comparison of Buddhism and Daoism

The Old Chinese philosophy, which was developing in the second part of the first millennium BC, was formed simultaneously with the[...]

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Comparison of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes

Introduction John Locke and Thomas Hobbes were two political philosophers who came up with the theories about the nature of human [...]

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Comparative Textual Analysis of “Desiree’s Baby” and “The Story of an Hour”

What is hidden behind a seemingly happy marriage and what cost a woman has to pay for being a wife in a patriarchal society are th[...]

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Comparative Summary: Health Care Financial Environment

Introduction Provision of healthcare is one of the core businesses of any government anywhere in the world. It is because human be[...]

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Comparative Essay Sample on Paintings

Inspiration is the most important ingredient in the process of creating a masterpiece. The most common sources of inspiration are [...]

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The Unity of Opposites: Kingston’s The Mystery of Silence and Toth’s Boyfriends

Two stories analyzed are connected in a very interesting manner: it can be regarded even before the analysis of the texts. First o[...]

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Comparative Analysis of Kuwait and the UK

Comparative analysis is an indispensable part of modern managing. Increasing rate of globalization obliges companies to work with [...]

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Australopithecus Afarensis Comparative Research Paper

Australopithecus afarensis is one the ancient hominid species. It is widely considered to be the closest ancestor of Homo, but it [...]

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Political Culture of China and Japan

Perhaps, over the past century East Asia has experienced conflict and transformation more than any other part of the world. The dy[...]

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