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College Sports versus Education

College Sports versus Education

Development of physical culture and sport always relate to such essential elements as healthy lifestyles, especially if the youth is the matter of focus. Statistics and evaluation of the population’s health shows a currently evolving demographic situation in the United States, whereas the seriousness of situation is depicted. College students are not an exception. Negative changes in the students’ state of health happen due to low physical activity, which is often a result of low funding of sports activities in colleges and universities.

Physical culture and sports are the most versatile ways to the physical and spiritual development of people. Therefore, they should be of particular concern to the state. To form an adequate idea of ​​physical training, it is necessary to consider it as a part of the general culture. In its turn, sport comprises a competitive activity while being a vital part of physical culture. Currently, there are two interrelated organizational forms of sport: mass sports and the sport of records. Mass sport is the basis of sport of records; it is a method of physical improvement of the rising generation. It is an essential part of physical education and physical culture of the society. Mass sport does not have limit on age, health status, and level of physical development of people. Sport of records allows achieving the best possible sports results based on the identification of individual human capabilities, as well as regular in-depth training and practice. Records and achievements in sports sphere create a moral force for the development of mass sports and raise funds for their implementation in college or university programs.

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To build a healthy generation means to create the foundation of a powerful country and its prosperous life. For many years to come, sport was well known as a reliable and crucial way to improve health and increase human longevity. It is a method of preservation and improvement of health that does not require expensive medicine, but only desire and little effort from a person. Nowadays, most people are not interested in sports, which lead to the threat of inactivity, i.e. different disorders associated with reduced physical activity being essential for normal body functioning. As a proverb says “A sound mind in a sound body.” Everyone knows that sports activities strengthen the body and help to get rid of bad habits (Skille and Østerås 359-372). Based on the fact that the sport prevents many diseases, it must be financially supported by governmental programs at all levels, especially in schools, universities, and colleges.

One of the major national issues in the Unites States is overweight. It is a result of sedentary life that accompanies office workers and students. The deficient funding of sport activities may be a reason of overweight. The fact that overweight causes negative consequences is obvious. The threats of being overweight are listed below:

1) Circulatory system is overloaded as it is necessary to pump the extra blood volume, which, in turn, provokes premature wear and aging;

2) High blood pressure, which increases the likelihood of strokes;

3) Visceral obesity that does not allow organs to perform their functions, whereas heart, lungs, and liver are mostly at risk;

4) Increased stress on the joints of the lower limbs results in premature wear and deformation of joints;

5) In the most severe forms, the female reproductive function is impaired, which causes the inability to become pregnant.

6) Adipose tissue produces estrogen, the female sex hormone, increase of which in the male body blocks the production of testosterone. As a result, male behavior becomes woman-like, i.e. sensitive and sentimental, whereas a man loses attraction to the opposite sex (Skille and Østerås 359-372).

One should admit that overweight causes severe health problems and significantly affects procreation. herefore, it threatens the demographic situation in the country. In order to decrease insurance payments on programs to improve the demographic situation, it is important to introduce financial support from both public and private organizations to encourage the youth to engage in sport activities.

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Health situation of students is exacerbated by the fact that yesterday’s high scholars come to universities with poor health condition. The problem of improving the younger generation’s health has been of high priority for most universities and colleges. Modern society requires graduates’ readiness to be engaged into socially useful activities, remain healthy and vibrant personalities, who have high respect of health and depict an ability not only to solve social problems, but also create strong family relations. One should note, however, that modern life does not diminish but exposes human health to considerable risks. The significance of problem is associated with the deterioration in the health condition of students. In fact, one should pay attention to the lack of real opportunities for full-scale educational work to preserve and improve students’ health. Moreover, one should admit that modern educational technology covers all aspects of students’ activities being designed for effective solution of life problems, which changes the formation of healthy lifestyle needs. Due to inability to control the health conditions of students and lack of motivation to lead healthy lifestyles, there is a need to develop the theoretical foundations of health preservation and its effective use in the educational process.  Therefore, it is important to increase funding of the sport programs in colleges and universities (Trevor 76).

The health status of young people is the most important term of a healthy nation. Thus, the preservation and development of students’ health, the creation of the necessary conditions, and the formation of ideas about the necessity and value of a healthy lifestyle should be of the highest priority for colleges and universities. Healthy lifestyle presumes promotion of sports among students, which is a vital circumstance for achieving high academic results, long life, and active participation in the social life (Skille and Østerås 359-372). Students and university staff should form valuable attitude to one’s health, however, one may see a lack of knowledge about healthy lifestyle among abovementioned groups.

Importance of a healthy lifestyle among college students is caused by an increase and changing nature of stress on the student’s body in connection with the increasing complexity of social life, educational process, as well as risks of technological, environmental, and psychological changes, which provoke negative influences on a health status. Progressive weakening of the health of the students and university staff, environmental change, regular long-term work with a computer, lack of attention to nutrition and quality of products has direct influence on educational process. Physical culture and sports as an integral part of the general culture are unique means of healthy upbringing of the younger generation. They have a positive impact on all functions and systems of the human body, are a powerful means of disease prevention, promote the formation of moral standing, moral and civic qualities of college students that ultimately determines their social welfare.

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When students are denied to be engaged in sports life in colleges, they end up joining influential groups and peers in order to have fun. Undoubtedly, college classes are not there throughout the day. In fact, most of the students are free during the longest part of the day. There are many hours in a week that students do not have academic work to handle. Lack of sporting facilities or poor and unmaintained sport facilities in colleges may be a reason why the students commit crime. They go and drink with their classmates and end up doing illegal things. In addition, students have much energy that is not utilized because of their age. They have high emotions that can be lowered if they utilize them physically. Due to the lack of sports in colleges, students find themselves engaging in sexual immoralities to reduce emotions and energy (Shujie 139).

There is a need for universities and colleges to consider funding sports in the same way as they do fund education activities. It is the only way when students will be able to utilize their leisure time more wisely than they do today. In no doubt, concentration on education activities gives students possibility to think broadly. They will be able to use their talents in life to earn a living. In fact, it is not only through education that people can succeed. If colleges concentrate on sports as they do concentrate on educational process, there will be more chances of self-employment. There exists a set of reasons why college and university sports are not funded. First, not every university or college has a successful team. That means that a sponsor may invest the funds in coaches’ salaries, aid to athletes, however, it may never be compensated. Second, investors are likely to fund educational activities since specialists graduating from universities bear more benefit to society than those who are engaged in sports activities (Trevor 76). Despite the fact that sport improves the nation’s health, only elite sport may compensate the sponsors’ investments. Thus, investors invest the capital either in the future specialists or elite sports.

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In order to encourage investments in college and university sports, significant changes should be done.  First, organization of various sport programs will significantly increase funding to the whole university. Perhaps, this step is not appropriate for all universities and colleges; however, in case the university will have at least one team taking part in national competitions or, more importantly, organizing them, then there will be no problems in funding of both educational and sport activities. The research grants may also help to raise money for both educational and sport activities.  Some little universities and colleges have no possibility to raise funds with the help of national competitions or researches. Therefore, they can evince the creativity in organizing little event listings that will help to earn money for sport funding in colleges. Bake sales, trade shows, auctions, and pep rallies may help to find new investors. The easiest ways to implement the idea are introducing valet parking near campuses and stadiums, where the students work. This may not only solve the problem of transport placement and, but also exclude bottlenecks. Therefore, implementation of valet parking may increase the sports income in the same manner as ticket sales (Simplicio 533-537).

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In conclusion, it should be noted that the main problem of insufficient budgeting of college sport by administration is underestimation of a significant problem of youth sports. A set of methods to fund and raise attraction to the sport activities exist, however, the main goal is to inform and elucidate the importance and profitableness of sports. As a result, the chain reaction will be seen: the more youth will be involved in sports, the less money will be spent on the medication, and the more money will be spent on sport activities.