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Case E: Artificial Intelligence Executive Summary The company selected is Google, which is among global leading companies in IT sp[...]

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Water Supply in Abu Dhabi

Water is one of the most valuable and important social goods on Earth, and there is a need to have proper measures for controlling[...]

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XYZ Family Practice

The patient Amanda Smith aged 69 years old presented with continuous cough (five days long) accompanied by froth sputum and subste[...]

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Tax on Sugar Sweetened Beverages

Understanding the Case for Taxing Sugar-SweetenedBeverages. A quickly rising public hazard of our time is the increase in consumpt[...]

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Bradford Development Case Study

Executive Summary Curry Corporation faces the problem in the negotiation regarding the determination of the lump sum amount that t[...]

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Southwest Airlines Case Study

Southwest Airlines has been a leading low-cost carrier for four decades. However, the recent external and internal changes in the [...]

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Mira Nair Case Study

Nowadays much attention is paid to studying and precise consideration of art representatives from various countries. This work wil[...]

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Sephora Case Study

Introduction It is beyond any doubt that one of the most important factors that influence the success of retail companies is their[...]

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How Zika Virus Affected the Rio Olympics

Abstract Zika virus is a dangerous disease caused by a virus which is usually transmitted by mosquitoes. Various symptoms are evid[...]

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Dubai Sports Tourism – Case Analysis Assignment

Executive Summary The Dubai sports industry is massive. Multiple sporting events are held in Dubai due to its luxurious image, fin[...]

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Cultural Tourism in Abu Dhabi

Executive Summary Cultural tourism in Abu Dhabi has been on the rise for many years due to several important driving factors. A re[...]

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Teams Drive the Fast Cars Case Study

Teams in car racing competitions have many crew members who directly influence the performance of drivers. They are divided into d[...]

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Kingsford Charcoal Case

Executive Summary Kingsford Charcoal, one of the prominent charcoal producers in the USA, faced problems with sales in 2000. They [...]

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Jacket-X Corporation Case Study

Introduction Jacket-X Corporation is a large manufacturing company based in a large city. The corporation manufactures jacket, ind[...]

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Functionality and Usability Assessment of SEHA’s E-Referral System

The functionality assessment of SEHA’s e-referral system developed by Cerner is measured against the success or failure of such [...]

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A Campaign against KFC Corporation

Central Issue: The main problem is the philosophical question of animals’ rights. PETA suggests that animals should possess basi[...]

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing U.S.A.

The case study of Toyota Motor Manufacturing U.S.A. is rather controversial and complicated to catch at first glimpse. Yet, it is [...]

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Hotel X Case Study

Executive Summary In the discipline of human resource management, motivation is a process of activating the internal motives or ut[...]

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An Investment Analysis for Eskimo Pie

Question One: What do you think of the Nestle and Goldman Sachs’ valuations of Eskimo Pie Corporation. How would you go about va[...]

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The King Case

Introduction The King Company is a small manufacturing organization. However, like any business the King Company deals with many H[...]

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Merrill Lynch Case Study

Bidding War It is difficult not to consider financial institutions like Bank of America and Merrill Lynch as villains, or at least[...]

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Case Study Analysis – Philadelphia Phillies

Introduction The most significant thing when marketing is the definition of market. It requires the systematic approach, where the[...]

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BP Case Study

Introduction The Deepwater Horizon oil spill by BP PLC illustrated a weak management approach to the issue of safety for both the [...]

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EFT and Trauma

Brief Overview Jane is the patient, who suffers from the long-term anxiety that has initially appeared half a year ago after she w[...]

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Race and Gender Bias at Google

Introduction Current case study focuses on the analysis of race and gender bias in one of the world’s most influential companies[...]

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Case Study on Celine Fashion Brand

Celine is a famous French brand specializing in the production of men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, perf[...]

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Politics at Walt Disney

Conflict, Politics, and Conflict Resolution Each organization has a director. It is a person who confirms all decisions and determ[...]

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The Case of Clement Vallandigham

Clement Vallandigham was a lawyer and politician who was arrested after the speech delivered at Mount Vernon Ohio on the 1st of Ma[...]

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The Great Gatsby. Feature Film Case Study

One of the most awaited films of 2012 was The Great Gatsby, yet its release was subsequently postponed till May 2013, which was ra[...]

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Drug Testing At Explo inc.

Case One: Steve Organizations are mandated to protect their employees from harassment and mistreatment at work by fellow employees[...]

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The Prominent Case of Atlanta: Wayne Williams

Introduction Whenever a bizarre or sadistic crime occurs, the general public asks an immediate question of who could commit such a[...]

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Deluxe Corporation Case Study

Corporation management is endorsed with the task of increasing the company value in relation to its shareholders. The company shou[...]

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Pedigree Case Study

Question 1: Is dog food an attractive category? In answering this question, please consider category size and growth rates, compe[...]

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Team-Based Rewards Systems

Question 1. Based on the features of a good reward system, what are the positive aspects of the state of Georgia’s reward syste[...]

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U.S. Postal Service and the Anthrax Crisis

Introduction When the USPS first detected that there was a real threat of anthrax following the death of staff members, the compan[...]

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City Furniture and Mattress Case Study

Problem Definition City Furniture and Mattress faces problems with the competition and profitability from different big box chains[...]

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Playa Dorado Tennis Club Case Study

This study case presents Douglas Hall as a new director appointed by Playa Dorado Tennis Club. His appointment was effected in 200[...]

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IKEA Case Study

IKEA is a Swedish furniture organization that was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. Initially, the founder sold watches, pens and[...]

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Wal-Mart Expansion to China

Introduction Global expansion is triggered by the desire to achieve growth and gain a larger share of the market. Before a company[...]

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PepsiCo Cross Cultural Management

Executive Summary As PepsiCo operates in about two hundred countries and territories, a proper training plan is necessary to meet [...]

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AbeBooks Company Case Study

Introduction AbeBooks Company is one of the world leading book providers to customers across the globe. The paper highlights the v[...]

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Law Case Study Sample

Edwards v. South Carolina, 372 U.S. 229 Facts; the case relates to the arrest of the 187students on 2nd march 1961, for protesting[...]

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Introduction Eating disorders are an increasing problem worldwide. In Australia, this healthcare-related issue is relevant for 9% [...]

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Renault-Nissan Case Study

Abstract The global market environment has for the past few decades become increasingly competitive. Under these conditions, compa[...]

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Louis Vuitton in Japan Case Study

Introduction Louis Vuitton occupied fashion industry in Japan. Opening new stores, illustration of Louis Vuitton’s brand in [...]

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