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Teams Drive the Fast Cars Case Study

Teams Drive the Fast Cars Case Study

Teams in car racing competitions have many crew members who directly influence the performance of drivers. They are divided into departments and have their duties and expectations. Specialists behind racing cars determine the outcomes of races. Therefore, teams drive faster cars than individuals who do not have a group of experts supporting them. The case study is an indication of how teamwork and individual efforts together influence positive results.

The Case Study Overview

A racing team has several members who actively prepare a car and a driver for events, as well as decide on route navigation and speed that will be followed. The major players include the ones below

A Team Owner

A team owner has the same duties as a corporation president. His first obligation is to look for sponsorship for the team (Harris, 2016). There should be adequate funds to assist the latter in running several operations like maintaining the condition of a car and buying durable motor vehicle parts (Cobbs, Tyler, Jensen, & Chan, 2016). The owner is responsible for recruiting all members that make up a racing team (Harris, 2016). Therefore, the proprietor should have essential entrepreneurial skills to lead a successful team.

A Driver

Drivers are key members of teams because they control and drive cars during competitions. Therefore, they determine the outcomes of races. Drivers attend numerous training sessions to develop their navigation skills and confidence levels on the road (Harris, 2016). They also learn how to communicate with other team members (Harris, 2016). Their knowledge of the racing course and mental discipline are essential for the success of the crew.

A Team Manager

Team managers control all aspects of administrative work in a crew (Harris, 2016). These individuals have wide experience that enables them to coordinate operations and communication of team members.

A Crew Leader

Crew leaders are in charge of the mechanical maintenance of cars in racing competitions. They design the bodies of vehicles to ensure that there is maximum stability during races (Harris, 2016). A crew leader looks at the qualities of a driver and decides what type of a car will be used by the team. The one should have good engineering knowledge and experience. Crew leaders work with other specialists who assist in assembling parts of the car. There is a team truck driver who takes racing and backup cars to the venue of a race (Harris, 2016). The crew also has tire experts, whose responsibilities are to measure pressure and inspect conditions of wheels (Harris, 2016). Finally, mechanics maintain the efficiency of engines and design the primary systems of cars (Harris, 2016). They ensure that the latter are equipped with technologies that result in maximum performance.

How It Works in an Organizational Behavior

Racing teams work like organizations coordinating the relationship that exists among members. Just like a business, every person plays a role for team work to be successful (Owens, Johnson, & Mitchell, 2013). Drivers, pit crew, and the management fulfill their duties and interact with each other through teamwork. There are effective communication models in place to enable all members to exchange ideas and advice during training and the main events.

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Teams make a lot of critical decisions that influence their performance in competitions. Similarly, all employees participate in the decision-making process in an organization. Furthermore, opinions of all members of a racing team are necessary and counted to find the main resolutions (Owens et al., 2013). They use different rules to make decisions occasionally. For example, managers use authority control to make abrupt changes in teams’ work like company directors reshuffle employees in the workplace (Owens et al., 2013). However, if the authority rule fails, members can make consensus decisions considering what the majority of them believe will be successful. Drivers decide using the minority rule during races when contemplating on whether to overtake their competitors or not (Owens et al., 2013). Since their choice of action affects the team, it has to be in the best interests of every member. The rule is similar to the principle in organizations, where employees have to make individual impromptu decisions without consulting their colleagues or managers. There is an expectation that workers will act in good faith when making sudden choices.

Racing teams have several goals that they aim to achieve during competitions. Similarly, in organizational behavior, employees set objectives that will influence their performance (Harris, 2016). Teams that drive fast cars and win contests accomplish their primary goal of being successful. Through teamwork, all members play vital roles that influence the outcome of a race.

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Lessons Learnt

From the case study, I have learnt that all members of a team play important roles in the success of a group. The duties of the driver, team manager, crew leader, owner, and engineers are all significant for team performance. A group where there are good relationships and communication will drive the fastest car and win competitions. However, the decision-making process is a difficult task that all teams have to face during races. As much as there are various rules for making decisions, it is vital for the crew to take the right choices that will benefit all members. They should only use the best decision-making approaches to be always ahead of their competitors because a poor decision can damage the performance of a team.

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Teams drive the fast cars because of a strong relationship and communication that exists amongst all members. Crews that have organizational behavior are successful because of positive group interaction and individual participation. Therefore, teamwork is an essential element of any winning team.