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Even the Strongest Friendships Come to End

Even the Strongest Friendships Come to End

Breaking ties with your best friend is never a pleasant experience. It devastates and corrodes you inside leaving a gaping wound that will never heal to its full. The scar will open eventually reminding you of the hurtful split.

The Breakup of a Friendship Narrative Essay

I was overwhelmed with excitement when the first day of high school started. My heart was shouting with certainty that the day was bound to bring numerous acquaintances, and possibly new friends. Before the classes, every student was occupied in the clamor of conversations held between newcomers, and those who were studying together before. One of the talks engaged a small group of familiar classmates and a few new students. All of a sudden, a heated discussion sprung out of the friendly conversation. The passionate argument divided the company into two opposing, though not equally numbered groups.

One more girl and I were trying to defend our standpoint. As I later discovered, her name was Yanfeng Zhao. The bell returned us to the reality of the classroom, and the noise calmed down as the students dispersed to their assigned places. The unresolved discussion was restored after classes when we headed back home. The durable argument, which approached several other subjects, revealed similar opinions and attitudes of Yanfeng. We clicked straight away, and I knew she was my soul mate with whom we were destined to become best friends.

7 Common Reasons Why Friendship Can End

Reasons Why Friendship Can End Description
1. Betrayal When a friend betrays your trust by sharing a secret or engaging in dishonest behavior, it can be difficult to maintain the friendship.
2. Growing Apart As people change and evolve over time, their interests, values, and priorities may also change, leading to a natural drift apart from friends.
3. Misunderstandings When misunderstandings or miscommunications occur, it can lead to hurt feelings, resentment, and ultimately the end of the friendship.
4. Personal Conflicts When personal conflicts arise, such as differences in opinion or incompatible lifestyles, it can lead to tension and the breakdown of the friendship.
5. Jealousy or Envy When jealousy or envy enters the friendship, it can create a toxic dynamic that ultimately leads to the end of the friendship.
6. Lack of Communication When communication breaks down or becomes infrequent, it can create distance and ultimately lead to the end of the friendship.
7. Life Changes When major life changes occur, such as a move to a new city or the start of a new job, it can be difficult to maintain the friendship and it may eventually come to an end.

For five years, our relations could be described as those between the sisters. We spent a lot of time after school sharing the impressions of the day, doing homework together, and helping each other with a piece of advice. Hardly ever was there a day when we did not see one another. Every tedious shopping turned into a lively and entertaining occasion; every weekend brought us an immeasurable amount of joy and was marked as a bizarre adventure. Around this time a year ago, I decided to move to the United States, where I was going to study. Surprisingly, the first person I shared my intentions with was Yanfeng. I knew that we saw eye to eye on various matters, so I felt confident that my best friend would support me. Although I could not sure how my parents would react to this piece of news, Yanfeng assured me that the best way to discover that was to talk to them personally. The support of my soul mate inspired me to face the challenge, and the result exceeded all my expectations. My parents took the news with enthusiasm and encouraged me to earnestly prepare for enrollment.

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Despite the positive outcome of the conversation with the parents due to the support of my best friend, our sisterly relations deteriorated because of further preparations and events. Moving to America and enrolling required a lot of effort. I started taking private lessons to overcome the language barrier. My teacher never intended to spare me by giving me no homework or letting me have a carefree evening. Thus, my endeavors demanded I neglect many habits I used to indulge myself in, like seeing my best friend every day. However, we could not skip our weekend activities. Not long after my evening classes started, Yanfeng met her future date on one of those evenings we used to spend together. From time to time, we still had chances to share our impressions, concerns, and problems. In late fall, Yanfeng and her boyfriend underwent a serious fight, which ended in a breakup. The course of events struck my best friend out of emotional balance, which I was not able to restore due to the pre-admission anxieties. A week later, she called me demanding to meet at the earliest opportunity. She sounded upset and grim. Her voice betrayed her, although she was trying to sound reserved and calm. I assumed she was not over her recent experience, and wanted to unburden her heart. I wished my assumptions had been true.

We arranged to meet in the evening at one of our favorite places in the town where we had spent so much time on our own. The cold incessant rain was watering the earth as if trying to drown it in its never-ending torrents. It seemed that our meeting would need rearrangement; however, the evening was blessed with the tender sun that bestowed people its last warm sunshine. The place of appointment was located in the farthermost part of the city park. It was a small bench surrounded by shrubs of yellow and slightly green, which reminded me of the summer and covered by the boughs of a leafless tree, which had bestowed its shadow upon those escaping the scorching heat of summer day. A few minutes after I came to the designated location I saw a figure approaching. It was Yanfeng. While she was drawing nearer, I noticed the grievous expression on her face. Her whole posture indicated the burden of the upcoming talk.

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We spent a few minutes chatting about the latest news from our already distant lives. The conversation was far from those heart-opening and sincere chit-chats we used to have before, and this probably provoked Yanfeng to reveal the true reason for the meeting.

‘I need to tell you something,’ she said. Her voice was shivering, and I felt anxious, however, I attempted to confine my feelings. ‘I have been thinking a lot lately. It is hard to be friends with someone who is not there when another person needs him/her. The latest events showed what our friendship was worth.’  Her words stunned me, and I could not pronounce a word. I was devastated. I tried to say a few words of defense, but they could not come out of my mouth. Thus, we parted, and her words were whirling inside of my head taking various interpretations. When I came home, my heart induced my eyes to burst into tears from pain, confusion, and devastation. My mother was never so worried about me as that day.

A few weeks later, I departed for the United States, leaving my best friend back in China, as well as the memories of our friendship. My eyes still fill with tears when I remember the good times because we have not talked for half of the year since then. However, I hope to see her again and talk to her like we used to before.

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