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The City of Tomorrow

The City of Tomorrow

Thomas Henderson had always been obsessed with technology. Recently he surprised everyone through his claims of being in the future. After hearing about this, I decided to visit him at his house to get detailed description of his experience. I found him in the house clearly inspecting what he called ‘time machine’. This was his favorite piece of technology which he had worked on for quite a long time. From the expression of his eyes, he gave me a gaze that definitely showed his disappointment in me. Everybody thought he was crazy due to the stories he gave and my presence in his house was not making the situation any easier. “What do you want in my house? Do you also want a bit of my crazy literature?” he muttered. I was eager to know what was going on and so I pleaded for some bit of the story.

He sat down, gave me a rather cold look, and, at last, began. “It all began a few days ago when lightning struck my time machine antennae. It brought much anomaly to my device’s performance and I began seeing unusual things from the headgear. The headgear sparked several times and I could hear sounds emanating from the mounted internal speakers. Immediately after I wore the headgear, it sent me to a virtual world where my crazy story began. It sent me to the year 2458 in an unknown city, which its inhabitants called the city of tomorrow. This extraordinary city had advanced technology that was beyond the current human understanding. I found it hard to believe the situation myself in the short period I was in the city. I made a friend who was of Asian descent,” he explained. “He toured me through the extraordinary city and provided the needed guidelines.

Curiously, I asked him to describe the situation in the city of tomorrow and compare the current world to the city of tomorrow. He continued, “Mr. Danton, the Asian man took me to their banking facility. I was outwitted by the advanced technology that was used there. Shortly, I felt misplaced in the facility, as it was difficult to contemplate what was happening in the institution. Though it was a banking facility offering services to the inhabitants, I could not trace any attendants in the bank. They were replaced by set of computers that had digital boxes which Mr. Danton described as biometric scanners.”

“What are biometric scanners?” I asked Mr. Danton.

“These are advanced machines that analyze human physical components like fingerprints and eyes.” Henderson continued to explain that the people in the city no longer used credit cards but rather used biometric analysis in all their transactions. I supposed that these systems were insecure and prone to cyber crimes.

“What about the security systems in the banks and the city?” I asked.

“The city had highly advanced security systems. First, Mr. Danton showed me the drones that were the main city monitors of the security. The drones had cameras mounted on them and they could fly in the whole city capturing the events in the city. In addition, security cameras were placed in all the corners of the city. In this city, it was impossible to commit any form of crimes as all the videos recorded by the drones and the security cameras were sent to a central location where they were evaluated by advance computer systems. In case of a security concern, the systems sent a report message to alert the closest security official to the scene of crime. Laser guns were used to restore order in the city in the neutralization of city crimes. The city also produced mass nuclear weapons that it used to counter its rivals in terms of war. In the city, there was no difference between day and night due to the higher levels of security guaranteed to the inhabitants.”

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“Were the health facilities in this city similar to our health facilities?” I asked again. “No, they were no way nearer to what is used in this current age. The inhabitants of the city of tomorrow had advanced in biotechnology.” he explained. “Through their advancement in the knowledge about the cell, they had learnt how to treat some incurable diseases like cancer. In that city, cancer was curable even at advanced stages due to the developed machines that produced rays that were strong enough to kill the cancerous cells. Moreover, they did not use surgical blades in their surgical operations. They had advanced nuclear energy tools that could operate the human skin. However, Mr. Danton explained that these machines used in the treatment and radiotherapy process had some long-term effects on the patients.

In addition, the diagnosis of illnesses was more advanced there. I watched people get detailed medical diagnosis in just few minutes. They did not analyze body specimen or blood samples but rather advanced technology machines. The patients entered an enclosed area where high-energy electron beams strong enough to penetrate their skins were used and the body structures were broadcasted on a screen, which the doctor used to make diagnosis. The system automatically identified the illness and gave recommendation for the most appropriate drug to be administered. Similarly, this system was disadvantageous to the patients as it also had long-term effects.”

“What about the advancement levels of their computers technology?” Henderson looked at me and sighed. “This is the sector that shocked me the most. The computers had the highest processing powers that one can imagine. In this city, there was a new measure of frequency they called the terahertz. Mr. Danton told me that this was equivalent to 1000 gigahertz. In addition, their storage capacity was exemplary. The storage devices used magnetic cells to store data and this made it possible for a computer to have as much storage capacity as our current cloud storage. The mobile industry was also quite advanced. The storage capacities of their smartphones were terabytes. This made smart phones companions to the inhabitants of this city. The biometric analysis systems were also developed. This made it possible for the city inhabitants to make purchases from any parts of the city without having to use physical money. In fact, physical currency was not used in the city.”

After this explanation I was curious to know what were the effects of this advanced form of technology on the inhabitants of the city, was it beneficial or harmful to them. So, I asked for clarification from Henderson. He explained, “The advanced technology in this city made the lives of the inhabitants more convenient but proved to be harmful in many aspects. According to the information provided by Mr. Danton, the high-energy electrons used in the medical sectors had adverse effects on the patients which included increased chances of causing cancer. Though it was an efficient method of curing cancer, it had some negative long-term effects on the individual it was used on. During the tour, he showed me a child that was born with deformed body parts due to the long-term effects of radiation caused by the machines.

The laser guns that were used in the restoration of order by the police department in the city were harmful to the citizens. Laser had bad effects on the health of the people in the city of tomorrow. Since it used highly concentrated beam of rays it could even destroy the human body structure. I saw this when one lawbreaker was shot with the laser gun. It instantly cut off his lower left arm causing a lot of pain to him. Moreover, in the wrong hands the laser guns were used in city crimes. Criminals used the guns to conduct their unlawful activities in the city like theft. This laser gun was a very lethal weapon feared by a greater percentage of the population in the city of tomorrow. The nuclear weapons that the city intended to use against its enemies were equally lethal weapons.

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In addition, the biometric systems caused cyber crimes like hacking. Mr. Danton showed me the statistics of the hacking cases in the city. They were very high. He explained that the people made use of the advanced computer systems to hack the biometric monetary system. Since the whole population in the city relied solely on biometric systems in management of finances it tempted many people to engage in such malicious practices. The security systems also posed some dangers on the humans. The robots that were recently implemented in the city as Danton explained run on fixed principles that are not flexible to changing environments, news security threats go past the system and this poses security threats to the population.”

“Due to the negative effects of technology in the city of tomorrow,” Henderson explained “the city devised implementation methods to counter the security threats posed on the citizens. The city inhabitants were working in methods to further strengthen their security systems and firewalls to counter the hacking problem. Instead of the use of the fingerprints, the city inhabitants opted to introduce an alternative method of scanning the eye iris structure. This effort was bound to be more effective and result in lower hacking cases. Moreover, the robotics department opted to introduce robots that could be controlled from a central position instead of completely controlling itself. This was bound to have a positive impact on the city of tomorrow due to better security. The use of the laser guns was abolished in the town and more friendly weapons were devised. Manufacture of nuclear weapons was also abolished.”

“What about the cancer effect brought by the machines in the medical facilities?” I asked.

“The radiations caused by the machines in the hospital were corrected by reducing the intensity of the radiations produced by them. Weaker radiations had lesser chances of causing cancer on the individuals. The intensity of the radiations was also reduced on the machines used in the diagnosis of the illnesses in the organization. Alternatively, the medical department worked on an even more efficient method that was not going to use ultra voltage rays but more friendly beams to reduce the effects on the individuals that were to receive medication through this method.

My virtual travel to the city of tomorrow has taught me that though advancement in technology is beneficial to the human race, it also has negative effects. I learnt that extreme development of technology is likely to solve more problems but cause some flaws in the process. With technological advancement, cyber crimes are likely to rise. The more the power technology has to offer, the more some groups of individuals are possible to use the chance to perform malicious practices. In addition, the advancement of the medical system has its flaws. Though there is immediate treatment of some major illnesses, there are long-term effects that result from the treatment methods used. Moreover, advancement in technology leads to the advancement in nuclear weapons. These nuclear weapons pose a danger to the existence of the human beings. As a result, in the embracing of technology we should learn the negative impacts of technology and find proper alternatives that will assist in the neutralization of the effects.

Evolution in technology is inevitable and it should be embraced. Technology is meant to enhance the life of the human race and not bring complexity in the human life. In most instances, technology is beneficial to the humans when it is used correctly. However, if the technology is used for the wrong intention, it poses a threat to the human existence.  The contribution of technology to human life is very significant and is bound to be even more significant over the years. Everyone should be grateful for the convenience brought by technology and not castigate it. However, human beings should also be careful in the ways they make use of technology as some ways pose danger to the other people. The negative effects of technology are far much severe than the positive effects. As a result, proper use of technology should be followed since technology cannot be avoided.

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