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Kudler Fine Foods Data Memo

Kudler Fine Foods Data Memo

To:      Kudler Fine Foods’ Management Team

From:  Research Specialist

Date:   September 9, 2013

Re:      Integrated Marketing Communication Plan

Acting like a research adviser, I was employed by Kudler Fine Foods to examine the essence of psychographic and demographic information in the expansion of marketing plans. Also, I was involved in deciding, when to utilize this information in producing marketing conclusions. Furthermore, Kudler Fine Foods has undergone significant development over the previous few years. Thus, in order to escalate its clients base, Kudler Fine Foods is making Communications of Integrated Marketing (IMC) strategies, and considering the numerous methods of subdivision, I have established positioning plan for the Kudler Fine Foods besides competitive products. Since each section has various requirements, in order to be applicable, each section should be deliberated in order to critic its quality, importance, and value (Hunxen, 2011).

Marketing research comprises more than just client surveys. Marketing research comprises the thoughtful substance of psychographic and demographic. The data collected from the primary research  will be assessed and applied in order to upgrade the company’s existing plans. Furthermore, marketing research should be expressed into the enterprises decisions based on the clients’ psychographics and demographics. This will deter the irregularities arising within the institution and outside of it. Without psychographics and demographics, Kudler Fine Foods would not predict or forecast accurate probabilities, since the research is grounded on validity and reliability. This regulates the structure of the plan costs, which are applicable to the Kudler Fine Foods organization (Kudler Fine Foods, 2010).


In the growth of marketing plans, Kudler Fine Foods must utilize the demographic division variables, social class, and age. Different clients examine what commodities are appropriate for the marketing and advertising campaigns. Demographics makes an important factor in inaugurating clarity on what kind of clients to put emphasis on, and what kind of information to utilize. Frankly, it is essential to examine the time period to utilize this information in order to make correct marketing choices. Since Kudler Fine Foods forms a local swank forte food supply, the upper social class could make the perfect potential clients. In addition, the offered position in the San Diego cosmopolitan area is very promising, as it holds various upper-class inhabitants. The target audience could be reached through the various media resources. In this case, geographic positioning is important with regard to access to those kinds of media. Nonetheless, it is more than probable that two collections of comparable demographics may have very variant buying habits, because psychological configuration and lifestyles importantly sway predisposition to buy (Kudler Fine Foods, 2010).


In order for Kudler to cluster customers with respect to their way of living, the company should do a psychographic subdivision. Surveys are the techniques for measuring routine and various psychographic variables comprise:

  • Interests;
  • Activities;
  • Opinions;
  • Values;
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A psychographic standard takes into consideration various sociological and psychological information. Psychological traits consist of motivations, attitude, and personality. Therefore, Kudler could narrow the dissimilar consumer and consumers’ base according to these principles. Later on, psychographics would use the outcome in order to escalate the specific clusters of consumers’ interests or activities, opinions, values, and attitudes. Psychographic segmentation researches often comprise hundreds of queries and offer a tremendous quantity of data regarding consumers. Currently, no accord has been attained concerning the number of various lifestyle sections existing in America or in the rest of countries. Psychographic researchers frequently reach various conclusions regarding the nature and number of lifestyle groups. For this motive, the cogency of psychographic subdivision is sometimes queried. The well-known psychographic section is VALS, which stands for values and lifestyles. VALS was grown in the year 1970s to detail altering the U.S. lifestyles and values. The grouping principle was based upon the three basic motivations: ideals, achievement, and assertiveness, and plumb by low and high resources (Hunxen, 2011).

Resources comprise income, self-confidence, education, energy, and leadership skills. Believers and ideals-enthused thinkers are ambitious by principles and knowledge. Achievement-enthused achievers and seekers are determined by craving to validate prosperity to their nobles. Self-appearance-motivated knowhow and creators are obsessed with the desire for physical activity, social interaction, risk taking, and variety. Trade setters with awfully high resources level are very vigorous clients. Therefore, it is difficult to position in a single of the four motivations. Stayers, on the conflicting termination of the resources range, are not vigorous enough clients to have a distinct motivational group.


Various types of segmentation, such as demographic, geographic, behavioral, and psychographic will have a huge influence on the process of creating of Kudler’s marketing strategy. Geographic segmentation is pretty straightforward and is based upon the following instances of physical variables (Hunxen, 2011):

  • Region (state, neighborhood and country);
  • Scope of metropolitan part (segmented with respect to part of population);
  • Population compactness (urban, rural, and suburban);
  • Climate (weather conditions of the specific geographical area).

Behavioral Segmentation

Behavioral dissection is grounded on real clients’ behavior toward commodities. Some behavioristic variables comprise:

  • Benefits sought;
  • Brand loyalty;
  • Usage rate;
  • User eminence: potential, regular, first-time, etc.;
  • Inclination to purchase;
  • Occasions: events and holidays that rouse purchases.

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Behavioral separation has the pros of utilizing variables, which are closely associated to the products themselves. It is a straight initial point for the market segmentation.

  • Media practice (newspapers, TV, Internet, magazine);
  • Certain media custom (Sports detailed, Life, pluralistic);
  • Payment technique (cash, MasterCard, Visa, cheque, American Express);
  • Loyalty eminence (none, various, total);
  • Practice rate (bright, heavy, medium);
  • Worker class (nonuser, ex-user, potential user, current user);
  • Usage condition (work, vacation, home, commuting).

Kudler’s marketers should have various criteria that may be base for segmentation plan outcomes. Three essence standards are the viable segment that should be meaningful, marketable, and measurable.

  1. Measurable: Marketers should be capable to degree the segment’s characteristics and size. For instance, one trouble on the base of social period is that the notion and its portion are not evidently measured and defined.

Alternatively, income is much easier to measure.

  1. Meaningful: A significant section should be sufficient enough to produce sales and develop potential to provide long-run incomes.
  2. Marketable: A significant section is a main that would be served and reached profitably.

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Sections that meet such criteria are practical markets positions for products. The marketer should then offer further courtesy to the promotion mix. In order to develop a stable marketing plan, each position should be clarified by setting the marketing mix regarding it. The designing and target market have to be chosen together and taking each other into consideration. In addition, product’s positioning has various implications for choosing appropriate channels and promotions for its development and promotion. Thus, numerous marketing mix requirements make it quite difficult to produce a decent outcome.

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Market segmentation should be examined in the five reliable errands:

(1) Analyze clients–products relationship;

(2) Examine segmentation cores;

(3) Grow product’s positioning;

(4) Choose segmentation plan;

(5)  Create marketing mix plan.

Market separation is a foundation of growth of a completed marketing plan. Moreover, it is a single major bond between the clients’ behaviors and development of the proper marketing strategy.