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Oracle Computing Cloud White Paper Analysis

Oracle Computing Cloud White Paper Analysis

The purpose of this memo is to present an analysis of a White Paper by the name Oracle Cloud Computing to illustrate how well the company conveyed the information to the audience, described the products to the readers, and to what extent explained the necessity of the use of the product by the user (Oracle, 2010).


A White Paper is one of the several methods that an organization uses to connect with the public; it may be used to describe new technological innovation as well as a necessity of use of a new technology in a daily life. The White Paper under this analysis describes the concept of cloud computing information technology and how it could help the current and future IT users.


Oracle in developing the White Paper used the standard format that includes an executive summary, explanation of cloud computing methodology, and service delivery methods to the different categories of the end users. The white paper broadly describes Oracle’s platforms, and strategies with respect to delivering the cloud computing products to its end users.

The Cloud Computing is a new terminology that relates to providing information technology related infrastructure to the users over a network. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) used two pages to define the Cloud Computing methodology (National Institute of Standard and Technology). This tells that Oracle faced a challenge to describe this trend and product to the general public in simple and convincing ways. Oracle describes it as a model to be used by the users on-demand by accessing a shared pool of computing recourses such as networks, servers, storage, applications and services. In other words, an Internet user gets on-demand access to the IT infrastructure services plus software at the same time. Oracle describes the cloud-computing trend as the natural evolution of the existing grid and utility computing methodology. Oracle in its White Paper using NIST definition in a simple way describes five characteristics, three service models and four deployment models of cloud computing trend. Oracle in this regard successfully integrated useful information and reputed source like NIST. Service model section of the White Paper delivers the readers the concept of complex technical information in an easy language and methods of service delivery. In describing deployment models, Oracle used the subtle approach to prepare the readers for marketing pitch. Oracle describes four deployment models: private clouds, public clouds, community clouds and hybrid clouds. Truly speaking deployment model names should indicate readers the concept of price vs. quality or quantity of services. Oracle offers the users two basic models: private clouds and public clouds. Private clouds are exclusively for the one organization, and the public is for the use of multiple organizations. Using the base models, Oracle further offers community clouds, and to its users it offers hybrid clouds. Community clouds are for a group of related organizations like different branches of military, of universities in a given region, of suppliers to large manufacturers while hybrid clouds are used by organizations that want to utilize advantages of the both private and public clouds. Oracles in its White Paper not only describe the various services, but also outline benefits of these services. It is logical that diversified products will have diversified benefits; the same is here. The White Paper describes benefits that are unique to the public cloud-computing customers; unique to the private cloud-computing customers, and are accessible both to the public and private computing customers. All the benefits are associated with costs. Both service model and deployment model sections of the White Paper are carefully tailored to convey the readers with the useful technical information as well as the marketing message.

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