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Lalochezia and Slubberdegullion Poems

Lalochezia and Slubberdegullion Poems


Why me?

I have never done wrong to you or the others,

I am kind,

I was very caring as well.

But you are belligerent,

Why do you have to treat me with harshness?

You treat me like a mysterious illness or a deadly disease,

An illness that you need to control as well as destroy,

I am your person, who needs love, and I am also your child.

I have never quit, I rather keep trying,

But you have decided to chase me away.

You do not to listen to me,

Your actions and thoughts tore me apart,

Whatever you instruct I always do,

You never take time to understand me,

You have caused pain, worthlessness, heartbreak, and tragedy.

You have created me and brought me up,

And you tell me that that is the future.

With all the suffering caused? What will be my future?

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Was it wrong to fall in love with you?

I knew it was not your wish,

Skullduggery as well as sneaking time after time,

A series of lies on your lips.

You always tricked me,

The lies tripped me,

At times, you lied to me,

I ended up believing your words,

Now as I comprehend and think about your actions,

I believe that you wove the web.

I liked having fun and playing your game,

I also liked to be caught at times.

You were in my heart and I loved you,

My heart was all yours.

I too thought that I was on your mind and you loved me,

Is this the love I expected from you?

I was in my world,

Perhaps, it was all just a dream.