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Main Problems in the Development of the Society

Main Problems in the Development of the Society


The current paper outlines the main problems in the development of the society. The discussed question is the following – what is the impact of technological development on the society’s welfare? First, it discusses the role of technologies and innovations in life of an ordinary person. Second, it discusses the impact of the technological revolution on the human nature and the ability to build healthy relations. Moreover, the paper shows gains and losses of the digital era. In addition, it provides the reader with valuable techniques aimed at reduction of the negative impact of technologies. Finally, it offers various measures to be taken in order to avoid inequality between poor and wealthy people.

Keywords: poverty, development, technologies, society.

How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of technology on human relations? How do you envision the city of the future?

Today, people live in the world of opportunities. Every sphere of life is continuously developing and bringing the world to the new stage of evolution. It is a fact that time works for the benefit of the surrounding world. It brings innovations and expands the boundaries of the familiar world. It is undeniable that the society lives in the digital era, which transforms lives and minds of millions of people. Technology has become an integral element of society and its activity. Every sphere of life transforms because of the technological development. Innovations have become the key to the development of medicine, manufacturing sector, science, engineering, education and media. Every sector of human activity is changing. Annually, technological development along with scientific research offers society to simplify its lifestyle with one or another innovation. The world is living in the mode of constant improvement. The digital era penetrates lives of millions of people and makes them dependent on new technologies.

Another side of the rapid technological development reflects the implementation of social networks. The introduction of the Internet and various programs and social networks able to unite people from the most remote corners of the world has greatly benefitted the society. The intention of the idea is amazing. The main thought was to bring people together and make them one community. However, people tend to overuse products and services. It is a fact that today there is a problem of Internet addiction. Unfortunately, people are becoming more dependent on virtual life and online communication, rather than building healthy relationships with each other in real life. Technologies tend to improve society’s development and contribute to its welfare. However, it is a sad fact that people become addicted to modern devices and social networks. As a result, they become lonely, as they forget how to build healthy relations with each other. The city of the future is most likely to experience total destruction of human contact and relationships. It may seem that the future is far away, but it comes sooner knocking at the doors as people tend to go deeper into virtual life. Society does not see the negative impact of technologies. It does not mean that it is necessary to refuse from implementation of new technologies and stop scientific research. It means that people should not forget that they are living in the world built on social relations, not technologies. People should also be aware of the future. It is necessary to take action now and take care of future generations. It is the time when it is possible for people to stop and review their attitude towards devices. Otherwise, there is a threat of losing human contact because of technology abuse.

Fortunately, society starts worrying about the future and thinking about the welfare of future generations. There is an idea that in the future wealthy people will survive while the poor will be starving and will face difficulties of survival. It is the main theme of the film Elysium, which was directed and co-produced by Neil Blomkamp. The general idea of the movie is to show separation of wealthy people from poor ones. The film displays possible future of the human civilization. It demonstrates the spectator that the future can be frightening because only wealthy people may enjoy the comfort of life. Poor people will not be able to get medical help or get the same services as wealthy people do. The film is based on inequality of wealthy and poor people. It is a warning to the contemporary society to review its principles of development and change its habits. The movie is also permeated by the idea that technology will become the main element of life. It means that people will be more severe, cruel, greedy, evil and heartless. The lack of communication and healthy relations will destroy the human nature. Consequently, people will become selfish enough to think only about their own comfort and pleasure. In the movie, Elysium is the place for wealthy people. It does not accept the impoverished and does not let them take any services. Poor people have to die because they cannot get medical advice. It is possible to compare Elysium with the contemporary society. First, it is obvious that modern development of the society is the beginning stage of Elysium. People tend to overuse products of the digital era and forget about their human nature. Annually, the number of users in social networks rises and means that people are becoming Internet users almost from their first days of life. Things in the movie are exaggerated. However, it prompts the viewer to think about the future of the world. It is a warning about possible consequences of the careless use of technologies.

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If you had the opportunity, what actions would you demand of the United Nations Secretary General and why?

Undoubtedly, modern conditions of the society are warning signs of the future, which has a destructive character overall civilization. If I had a chance to demand actions of the United Nations Secretary General, I would make the inequality between poor and wealthy people the basis of my speech. There is no doubt that today poor people are already feeling tension and stress because of inequality. Wealthy people tend not to care about society. They only care about their own welfare and pleasure. However, it is required to take action now in order to reduce the risk of social degradation and total destruction. First, I would provide the UN Secretary General with facts proving my worries about the future of the whole civilization. Second, I will name the causes of such a state of affairs. Third, I will give suggestions for the society’s development.

Nowadays, poor people are already feeling the lack of opportunities in a fast-developing world. Governments should take care of these people and create appropriate conditions for the development of all society’s elements. The most effective way to ensure the welfare of all people is to create funds in every country, which will help the poor to live their life to the fullest. The main direction of the improvement is to grant opportunities to the impoverished to access education and medicine. These two sectors are the most expensive in many countries. People should not feel inequality in giving their children medical care and education. The most effective way of filling the fund with financial resources is to pass laws and acts which will bind countries to give a share of their profit to the fund. Enforcement of laws and creation of appropriate legislative basis is most likely to prompt governments and people to take action. First, the fund can spend its resources on countries of South Africa and South America. These parts of the world are mostly inhabited by poor people, who need care and attention from the society. People are forgetting about their human nature. They need to remember that poverty is an issue which can be faced by anyone. Nobody is secure from becoming poor. However, there are methods and measures which are likely to bring success to the society’s development.

Many scientists conduct their research in the sphere of economics and laws in order to learn how to reduce poverty rate. It proves that this issue concerns many critics and scientists. Therefore, it is important to solve the problem as soon as possible. Another strategy which can be offered to the UN Secretary General is to develop a new policy of employment. For example, the easiest way to create opportunities for people is to transform the agricultural sector. Farmers form three quarters of the poor people who feel the lack of opportunities. First, it is required to increase productivity, which will lead to the growth of profits. It is already proved that chickpea varieties can help farmers to improve their welfare. At the same time, proper water management can become an effective tool for poverty reduction. It is most likely to increase profits and open the world of opportunities for the poor. Another measure that can be taken is to increase the number of working places. People should not face problems of employment. Governments should take care of people which form workforce and are willing to work for their own benefit and the benefit of the society in general. Finally, countries should cooperate to improve development of the society at the global level.

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