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Nursing Personal Statement

Nursing Personal Statement

Nursing is a profession that is diverse, and full of challenges. It is a worthwhile career for which I am passionate. It is a career that requires individuals who express reliability, practicality and are also meticulous. It also requires an individual who can develop relationships and trust with new people. I possess these skills, and willingness to assist the people in need. My passion in Human Psychology has developed as a result of my present role as a fulltime nursing assistant. I have come to realise that taking care of a mental health patient requires understanding and commitment, in addition to offering treatment. This course will enable the application of the skills required once I become a registered mental health nurse. It will also be valuable for the patients as they will receive exceptional, all-inclusive, and humanistic care.

The subject of mental health nursing is a career that offers emotional fulfilment. It enables an individual to develop patience and empathy, which is beneficial in the profession, as well as, general life. Mental Health Nursing requires developing therapeutic relationships with the clients, and also interacting with them, their families and careers. The course requires the scientific understanding of psychology. It will enable further understanding and specialization on the psychological aspect of the human beings. It also requires background in biological sciences, which I enjoy studying. I like understanding how the human body functions, and getting to understand the mental aspect of the body is interesting. It is a body part that has a lot going on, and little is understood. My background in biological sciences will be essential and applicable in the course.

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Working as a nursing assistant has fostered the development of critical skills. It has resulted from interacting with mental health patients at the care agency. It has led to the development of an inner feeling where I will get emotional satisfaction by interacting and assisting the mental health patients. The work environment has led to the development of skills, such as, interacting with people and team work. The course will require interacting with numerous people, and studying in groups, which are essential in studying. I have learned to develop and control emotional attachments with the patients. When a person has an emotional attachment with another person, they understand them better, and it is easier to communicate. It is essential in studying and my future as a registered mental health nurse.

I have undertaken numerous courses and training that will be beneficial in the course and career in general. At the workplace, there is annual training on various issues including manual handling, administration of medication, health and safety, positive intervention, phlebotomy, urinalysis, pressure ulcer, and infection control. In addition, I have developed essential skills that will be of help in future as I work in different facilities, such as, mental health clinics, nursing homes, secured mental health units, child care secured centres, and hospitals. I can work with in-patients, outpatients, and Intensive Care Units. In 2012, I completed an Access Course for Nursing. In 2013, I enrolled for the Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care. I will be graduating in March 2015.

The courses have offered a lot of important information that I will use in the course, as well as, in the profession. They offer basic and foundation of nursing. They are necessary for a person to develop a career in nursing, in addition to the six-year experience that I have gained as a Nursing Assistant. On these courses, I have gained additional theory about all the functions of the human body. Health History taking, Emergency care procedures, Health & disease and diagnosis, Holistic approach to Care, Care Quality Indicators, Mental Health Acts and Legislation and worked based practice in all subjects above mentioned. I also work with assisted residents from personal care, taking the history of the patients in emergent situations and supervision of 1:1 sectioned patients. As there is always place for more knowledge in this field, I am now ready to take the next step in my career:  continue and complete the Mental Health Nursing Course which I am confident it will benefit all the patients in my care.

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I have engaged in various activities that express my interest in the Mental Health Nursing. Working as a nursing assistant is one of the activities that have influenced my decision to pursue a career in Mental Health Nursing. I have realised that it requires understanding and commitment, and I wish to commit my life so as to assist the people suffering from mental ailments. In addition, completing the Access Nursing Course and starting the Foundation Degree in Nursing indicate my interest in the course, and my ambition to specialize in nursing. These activities have influenced my decision to specialize in mental health nursing.

I have developed skills throughout my life, and I interact well with people, possess communication and observation skills, and enjoy contributing to a team. I am also able to get composed when dealing with emotionally charging situations, which are common in the field of nursing. I have also developed competence, compassion, care, commitment and courage. Throughout the period that I have worked as a Nursing Assistant, I have had various achievements including being named as the employee of the year for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. I have also scored 100% from the clients’ feedback throughout 2012, 2013 and 2014.

My hobbies include socialising with people, learning new things, reading, and also swimming. These hobbies have assisted me as they offer learning experiences. As I relax, I get to learn about others. In addition, they sharpen my interpersonal skills. These hobbies have also enabled interaction with people throughout the six years that I have been working as a Nursing Assistant. The skills earned at the workplace will assist me as I pursue the course in Mental Health Nursing.

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