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Parking Garage Automation

Parking Garage Automation


Software engineering has made it possible to come up with applications that solve issues regarding old parking systems. It has made individuals and large institution consider use of parking garage automation to work out many problems existing within the automobile industry. As will be revealed in this paper, parking garage automation entails a number of benefits. Moreover, this paper will illuminate the disadvantages associated with parking garage automation as it will describe in details what its architecture and use is all about. It will also bring a clear distinction that exists between the old parking system in the garage and the automated parking systems.

Description of the Architecture

Parking garage automation comprises systems that handle automated parking systems. It achieves this by applying the advanced technology in computers, laser systems as well as elevators. Automated parking systems provide a solution to issues that manual parking systems bring about. They are environment friendly as opposed to the manual parking systems. This is evident in because manual systems involves driving around the parking space hence oozing substantial amount of gases that affect the environment. Moreover, driving in dark and congested parking systems pose security threat to the drivers, an issue that automates systems sought out. Again, there is no driving around the parking space using the automated paring systems. Instead, elevators and other automated systems do the work of lifting automobiles to their required parking spaces.

The automated parking systems in a garage make good use of a number of incorporated systems. These include sensors, computers, mechanical components and cameras. The mechanical components serve a function of taking the car that is brought to the garage. They also move the car all through the garage and eventually park it in a slot found to be empty. Majorly, there are two types of automated parking systems in the garage. These include vertical lifts and horizontal platforms. They are both defined by the kind of movements associated with each kind. For instance, horizontal platforms are involved with lateral movements that take the automobiles to their preferred spaces. On the other hand, the vertical lifts involve upright movement of automobiles. The similarity of both cases is that the automobiles are driven into the multi-storied automated parking systems in the garage.

Automated parking system functions in a way that impresses the user. It applies the use of mechanical system that transports the automobiles to and from the available parking areas. Generally, this is a computerized and a mechanized system that keeps automobiles for a while. It applies similar technologies to that involved in warehouses or to the technology involved in moving heavy dies in automobile industries. In its design, automated parking system in a garage entails the ability to offer information regarding free spaces that are available for parking. Users are notified of these free spaces before they enter the parking spaces. At the garage, everything is automated. The driver uses remote controls to open the home garage. The parking garage automation has dissimilar categories that include high rise stackers, low rise stackers, rotary lifts puzzle parking and generic algorithms (GA) based parking system among others.

automated parking system in a garage
The diagram above illustrates automated parking system in a garage. It contains three segments helping in the control process.

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Several advantages are associated with the automated car parking system. In the first place, the systems offers a great deal of efficiency, reduces amount of space required as it improves time that is involved in the entire process. Considering the amount of land needed for the parking, automated car parking requires 35% less land in comparison to the manual parking space. In terms of buildings involved the automated parking systems needs 70% less of the buildings. This means the remaining space around the automated parking systems can be utilized for profitable business activities.

Additionally, automated parking system aims at reducing space wastage in car garages. At the same time, parking garage automation immensely reduces pollution and queuing; it makes better the work environment for the employees as it also generally gives the best service to the customers that visit the garages. In fact, automated parking systems in the garages is a strategy that results in an 80% fuel saving and a 61% reduction in air pollution. The technology is also associated with advantages like lowered utility cost as compared to a typical garage. Using automated parking systems in the garage ensure that there is minimal vandalism or numerous accidents associated with car being hit by other.

Furthermore, parking garage automation has minimal areas that require housekeeping. It also utilizes lighting only at its exit and entrance hence needs low level of periodic maintenance. It offers a great deal of security for vehicles as well as patrons that are involved. More importantly, the garage is capable of moving upward, downward or sideways from the entrance. This is beneficial in managing movements in the garage.

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However, some challenges are associated with the parking garage automation. The main challenge is the high costs that are incurred in applying parking garage automation. To set up software that operates the automated parking systems in the garage requires high initial capital. As a result, many people with that lack capital are incapable of getting in the business regarding automated parking systems in the garage. Only big companies can set up automated parking systems because small businesses may lack the funds to enable them get into the lucrative business.

In addition to the above, parking garage automation faces a challenge in that it lacks adequate support from the government. It has not been labeled as a national goal hence making business minded individuals suffer because they are locked out of the business. Automated parking systems are regarded as private systems that only realize personal profits instead of being viewed as a public need. Another disadvantage refers to the buildings associated with the automated parking systems in a garage. The associated buildings and architectures lack a universal code.

Additionally, it is tricky to create column locations when fitting parking garage into a building. In the same way, it is difficult regulate modular aspect works because they work best in suitable dimensions. The automated parking garage requires sufficient entrance and exists for it to accommodate many automobiles and still work with efficacy. Application of generic algorithms is associated with constraint problem. This is evident in that very approaches are readily available to handle the constraint problem. The few approaches however suffer a disadvantage in that they are tailored to the particular problems hence insufficient to handle the problems.

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In terms of considering the benefits associated with automated parking systems in the garage, there are close links that they bear within the environment. Software engineering has provided parking garage automation that has all benefits linked to green parking. This is because it shuns the highest triggers of harmful gas emissions that would result from driving around the garage. They also lower utility use. Additionally, the automated parking systems involve the use of lighting at the entrance and exit only. This qualifies them to be a green parking. They seem very simple for the parking patron as well as users like drivers and vehicle owners.

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Automated parking systems take a notch higher when it comes to improving our parking system. Coming up with parking garage automation would solve many problems that exist within the automobile industry. Parking garage automation would help curbing issues regarding the old parking systems associated with immense disadvantages stated above. They are environment friendly as opposed to the manual parking systems because manual systems involve driving around the parking space, hence oozing substantial amount of gases that affect the environment, which is not the case with parking garage automation. Automated parking system functions in a way that impresses the user.

Garage parking automation should be implemented across the whole country to maximize the advantages stated above. Manufacturing companies need to expand their businesses ensure that every institution has an automated parking system. This will make the entire country a better place to dwell in. Moreover, the software from software engineers should be utilized by many countries all over the world to make it known to every nation and ultimately make the whole world green. It is a user-friendly application that offers options like vertical lifts or horizontal platforms for automated vehicle storage in a garage.