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Pulp Fiction - Critical Analysis Of The Film


Though many years have past, the film Pulp Fiction (Tarantino, 1994) continues to amaze the viewer. Quentin Tarantino still saves his stable position in the list of the most talented directors in the world. His films are not an ordinary production line of mediocre pictures. Nowadays he has his own extraordinary style of film making. However, the first thing the viewer imagines hearing about Tarantino is Pulp Fiction. Moreover, the first thing that can be remembered about Uma Thurman is her dance in Pulp Fiction, though the picture had great influence on the career of its actors. In fact, Pulp Fiction can be considered as a crucial point in the world of cinematography. The film is seen as the central picture that is full of innovation while demonstrating a variety of film-making methods.

In the middle of 20th century, there were cheap literature magazines for the common reader. That kind of fiction was represented by typical low-grade detectives and westerns. “Term originated from the magazines of the first half of the 20th century which were printed on cheap “pulp” paper and published fantastic, escapist fiction for the general entertainment of the mass audiences.” Thus, such primitive pulp fiction has no cultural value at all. It can be only read in the bus, lines, or in the toilet. Such matter was ironically mentioned about the sad death of Vincent Vega (J. Travolta).He was shot down while reading some cheap fiction in the toilet.

Quentin Tarantino decided to give an unattractive name to his masterpiece of cinematography. Now we know that the film is an outstanding creation in many ways. Nevertheless, in 1994 the name of the picture presumed nothing intriguing or disturbing. Despite that fact, Pulp Fiction was both extremely intriguing and disturbing.  The film achieved such qualities because of its main theme. The director tells us a story about daily “routine” of gangs. What can be more intriguing than the forbidden secret life of American criminals? Pulp Fiction “absorbs” its viewers from the very first moments. The attitude of criminals and their life philosophy are really disturbing. It is also important for them to cite the Bible before shooting a human or killing someone by a random chance.

Pulp Fiction is a noteworthy picture because of its great dialogues. For example, a conversation between Vincent Vega  (John Travolta) and Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman).

Mia (Thurman): Don’t you hate that?

Vincent (Travolta): What?

Mia (Thurman): Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?

Vincent (Travolta): I don’t know. That’s a good question.

Mia (Thurman): That’s when you know you’ve found somebody special. When you can just shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.

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Despite the whole abnormality and insanity of some situations, Pulp Fiction is full of hot issues about relationships, religion believes, and questions of the human dignity. Such a common problem makes this film easy for understanding and quite multicultural.

“Quentin Tarantino is a fascinating director because of his unmatched and unrivaled love of making movies. He approaches every single aspect of film making with child-like excitement that reverberates throughout the action and dialogue.”

Pulp Fiction illustrates some aspects of film-making process with special clarity. For 1994, such aspects were a kind of innovation. First, it is about non-linear manner of narration. As a literary composition, the film is divided into the chapters. An interesting fact is that all this chapters are not arranged in a chronological order. This method can be classified as a typical one for literature. Moreover, it was used in the further works of Quentin Tarantino. It is one of the features that attracts intellectual viewers. Evidently, it has its own unusual effect on the viewers. The plot balances on three lines of action. All of them are combined with the help of common characters, places, and details. Additionally, Pulp Fiction creates the interconnected world of personages, though the viewer cannot say that the picture has only one main character. It is about the group whose members are equally central.

Pulp Fiction has its own atmosphere, which is able to absorb the audience at once. Such effect is achieved with the help of marvelous lighting, camera angles, and acting. Let ‘s remember the shot where Samual L. Jackson is starring on his victim while drinking Sprite. It is as genius as it is evidently simple. “And just look at the shot from a technical point-of-view. There is a light reflecting in Jules’ eyes, which I’m guessing is the wrapping from the burger, which gives him a sort of inverse pupil, making him seem less real, less a regular human, further heightening the tension. You just cannot read his eyes and guess his thoughts, and that partly comes through this little trick.” The director does not use any special effects. However, his focus on the eyes of actors is much more meaningful than verbal emotional quotes. It cannot be said that the director changes his method across the course of the film. Moreover, the soundtrack of the film should be mentioned as well. The music is brilliant. Such a song as Son of a Preacher Man is one of the most outstanding ones.

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As a viewer, I can say that this film can be considered as classic of filmmaking. It effects me in many ways. It makes me laugh each time I watch it. Moreover, it surprises me and makes me feel shocked. As a fan of cinema, I have seen numerous pictures. However, there is nothing similar like Pulp Fiction. It is even strange how this film has saved its everlasting amusement and intrigue for so many years.

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Pulp Fiction was “born” in 1994. Though ten years have past, this film still amazes many cinemaholics all over the world. Quentin Tarantino still has his stable position in the list of the most talented and popular directors in the world. His films are not a typical example of ordinary and dull pictures. Nowadays Tarantino has his own style of film making in an extraordinary way and with his own sense of filming. An interesting fact is that Tarantino’s film successfully influences the private life of two actors. “Saturday Night Live’s Julia Sweeney might have had a minor role in the film as Raquel, the junkyard owner’s daughter, but at the time the movie was being made she was actually married to Stephen Hibbert who played…the Gimp.”

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Judging from the abovementioned, Pulp Fiction is as a crucial point in the context of evolution in cinematography. “Pulp Fiction resuscitated the career of John Travolta, made stars of Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman, gave Bruce Willis new muscle at the box office, and turned Harvey and Bob Weinstein, of Miramax, into giants of independent cinema.” The film can be seen as the central picture of 90’s. It was full of innovation and the exposition of interesting film-making methods.