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The Cellular Phone Sample Essay

The Cellular Phone


The cellular phones or mobile phones have changed modern life. Nowadays, majority of people use mobile phones in their day-to-day life. It has been considered to be the greatest inventions of the modern era. In most cases, these phones save time and money. However, cell phone has different scientific and moral issues that can affect human life. Different scholars have different views about cell phones. The following paper analyses the effects of cell phones on people’s lives. In addition, it defines whether these effects cause positive or negative changes.

Effect One

In 21st century, mobile phone has become the necessary part of human life. It makes people’s life easy and comfortable, as it is the best way to communicate or chat. Nowadays, people can stay in touch with each other in different parts of the world by using this device. Usually, mobile phones have small sizes and light weight. Therefore, people can easily carry it everywhere. Moreover, it is the best device that can entertain people in free time. The impressive features of the mobile phone include multimedia entertainment, such as gaming, listening to music, web chatting or watching videos. Currently, Smartphones have unique technologies that help people to do computer works in a mobile device.

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Mobile phones help people to get in touch with each other. It is the best way of communication that saves time. It consumes only few seconds to deliver voice or text messages in different parts of the world. Cell phone is the only light weight and small gadget that contains plenty of features including camera, video recorder and internet browser. These technologies have already made people’s life more convenient and productive. Therefore, people should use cell phones.

In conclusion, cell phone is an efficient device. It makes life easy and comfortable. It can be used as a multipurpose device in different conditions. Cell phones are the best technical device that ensures people’s safety and security. Hence, it should be used in daily life.

Effect two

Nowadays, mobile phones help people to do their business or studies. The mobile internet facilities help students to learn new lessons in different environments. Similarly, a person dealing with business can get updated information of share market or any stocks though mobile internet. Currently, Smartphones have unique applications that can guide people towards improving their health, diet, memory and intelligence. In addition, mobile phones help people in emergency situations. If a person needs to call an ambulance, police or fire brigades, then mobile phone is the best device to communicate in an instant. Moreover, it guides people through Global Positioning System (GPS), so a driver can find the shortest way to a destination by using mobile GPS.

Mobile phones help people to perform their business and studies. Smartphone applications guide people towards improving their lives. In addition, they help people in emergency situations. Hence, it is one of the most useful gadgets of the world.

In conclusion, mobile phones have various advantages. Students can read books or different topics and businessmen can check updated news. It helps people to improve their health and daily life. Thus, it helps people to be updated on different events.

Effect Three

Cell phone increases stress level. It contains a high frequency chipset that can cause negative effects to a person’s brain. Experts have proven that the frequent use of mobile device may cause serious health issues including high stress and other brain troubles. Furthermore, the vibrating alerts, reminders and ringtones can affect a person’s mind and body. In a study carried by the researchers of Gothenburg University, Sweden, it was found that the cell phones have a direct link to psychological aspects of an individual. Furthermore, if a person uses a cell phone during driving, it can cause serious accidents. In addition, researchers proved that the frequent use of mobile phone may cause sleep disturbance and pregnancy issues to the women. Besides, men can have depression, stress and aggression due to the frequent use of mobile devices. Cell phones can also create negative emotions between two individuals. Experts believe that face-to-face conversations help individuals to improve their relationships. In contrast, cell phone conversations initiate misunderstandings and confusion. In addition, frequent mobile phone users become less attentive to the environment around them. In an experiment, researchers found that the people with cell phones have less positive observations of strangers.

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Cell phones can create various brain effects, which can lead to a serious disease. Indeed, the additional functions of this device may disturb a person’s mind and body. In conclusion, mobile phone causes serious mental and health problems to the young generations and grownups. It can create psychological effects to individuals. People should try to improve their relationship by avoiding cell phones. They should try to avoid such gadgets in social life.


Mobile phones have various advantages and disadvantages. However, they help people to improve their day-to-day lives. They provide updated news, reports and business information. Hence, they have plenty of positive effects and people should use it in their daily life.

Most people believe that cell phone is the most important gadget of human life. Currently, it works as an alternate device. People can use it instead of a computer. It is the best device to communicate or chat with a single person or a group of people. It provides plenty of information to the young generation and grownups. Moreover, it can be used as the multimedia entertainment device. People can play games, listen to the radio or other music. Also, it helps people to get relief from emergency situations. However, it has some drawbacks too. Using mobile phones too much can cause brain disorders and other health problems. It can initiate stress and other psychological diseases. In addition, it reduces real life conversations. Hence, people should use mobile phones only when it is necessary.

In conclusion, cell phones make life easier and convenient. It is one of the best information or education source. Young learns can use cell phone dictionaries to learn new words. Similarly, some other programs help adults to improve their knowledge in certain topics. Thus, it helps people and the society.


The above discussion leads to the conclusion that mobile phones have plenty of advantages, but they have some disadvantages too. They help people to communicate with each other and connect to each other quickly. Smartphone technologies provide different services that allow people to chat in a group. Moreover, it saves time and money. People can call emergency numbers at any time by using mobile devices. It guides people to find a correct transportation way by using GPS. Currently, Smartphone applications improve people’s knowledge by providing healthcare, diet and intelligence software. In addition, it works as a multimedia device. However, it has some drawbacks too. Frequent use of mobile phones may cause health problems and psychological issues.

The cell phone can be called the best gadget of the current century. It makes people’s life easier and more comfortable. Mobile devices help people to communicate or chat easily. They guide people in emergency situations. Moreover, a cell phone is a light and small device that has plenty of advantages with few drawbacks. Hence, people should use cell phones in their daily life.

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