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Slang Dictionary: Ace

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The Meaning of "Ace"

The Meaning of “Ace”

Slang has a way of adding color to our language, and “ace” is no exception. When someone uses the term “ace,” they are referring to something excellent, outstanding, or top-notch. It’s a positive expression that denotes high quality or exceptional performance.

Related Words

Similar terms to “ace” include “stellar,” “first-rate,” “superb,” and “top-shelf.” All of these words share the idea of something being of exceptional quality.

Where Does This Word Come From?

The slang term “ace” dates back to the early 20th century, and its origin can be traced to the world of playing cards. In card games like poker, an “ace” is typically the highest-ranking card, often symbolizing excellence and success. Over time, this association with being the best led to the term being adopted into everyday language.

Who Uses This Word?

The term “ace” is widely used across different age groups and social circles. It’s a versatile expression that can be applied to various situations, from praising a remarkable performance in sports to complimenting someone’s skills or achievements.

Examples of Using “Ace”

  1. Sarah’s presentation was simply ace – she covered all the key points and engaged the audience.
  2. The chef at this restaurant is known for creating ace dishes that leave diners impressed.

Replacing “Ace” in Academic Writing

While “ace” is perfect for casual conversations, it’s important to choose more formal language when writing academically. Instead of using “ace,” consider alternatives like “excellent,” “outstanding,” or “superior.”

“You have to be able to accept failure to get better. A ace tennis player can’t always be the best. A ace scientist is almost never right. So the only way to deal with it is to recognize that failure is part of the process and to embrace it.”

– Ed Catmull, Co-founder of Pixar


The slang term “ace” is a vibrant expression that celebrates excellence and exceptional quality. As you incorporate it into your vocabulary, keep in mind its card-game origins and the positive connotations it brings. Remember, in more formal settings, opt for suitable alternatives to ensure effective communication.