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Slang Dictionary: Cap

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What Does "Cap" Mean

What Does “Cap” Mean?

The slang word “cap” is a term used to indicate that someone is lying or exaggerating. When you say “no cap” or simply “cap,” you are essentially vouching for the truthfulness of what you’re saying. It’s a way to emphasize that you’re being honest and not joking.

Related Words

“Cap” is part of a family of slang words related to honesty and truthfulness. Some related terms include:

  • “Facts” – Used to confirm that something is true or accurate.
  • “For real” – An expression signaling sincerity or agreement.
  • “Honestly” – A word often used to preface a truthful statement.

Where Does This Word Come From?

The origin of the slang word “cap” in this context is believed to be rooted in the phrase “capping on someone,” which means making fun of or mocking someone. Over time, “capping” evolved to refer to dishonesty or insincerity, leading to the use of “cap” to signal truthfulness. Its popularity has grown in online and social media interactions.

Who Uses This Word?

“Cap” is commonly used by people of all ages, especially in informal conversations, social media, and texting. It’s a versatile slang term that has gained popularity due to its brevity and effectiveness in expressing sincerity.

Examples of Using This Word

Here are some examples of how “cap” can be used in sentences:

  • “I’ll be there at 7 PM, no cap!” (Meaning: I’ll definitely be there, no exaggeration.)
  • “She said she saw a UFO last night, but I think she’s capping.” (Meaning: I think she’s not telling the truth.)
  • “No cap, that movie was the best I’ve ever seen.” (Meaning: I’m being completely honest; it was amazing.)

What to Replace This Word in Academic Writing

While “cap” is a useful slang term for informal conversations, it is not appropriate for academic or formal writing. In such contexts, you should use more standard language to convey sincerity and truthfulness, such as “truthfully,” “honestly,” or “sincerely.”

Quote of the Day

Here’s a famous quote that includes the term “cap”:

“In a world full of fakes, always keep it real. No cap.” – Unknown


In conclusion, “cap” is a slang word that has gained popularity for emphasizing truthfulness and sincerity in casual conversations, especially in the context of social media and texting. Its origins can be traced to the notion of “capping” or mocking, which evolved into a term that signals honesty. However, it is not suitable for formal or academic writing, where more standard expressions should be used to convey truthfulness.