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Slang Dictionary: Chegg It

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The Meaning of "Chegg it"

The Meaning of “Chegg it”

Slang can be a snapshot of modern language evolution, and “Chegg it” is a prime example. When someone says “Chegg it,” they are referring to the act of using the online educational platform Chegg to find answers, solutions, or explanations for academic assignments or questions. It’s a playful nod to the resourceful use of technology for academic assistance.

Related Words

Similar terms to “Chegg it” include “Google it,” “search for answers online,” and “utilize online resources.” These phrases all encompass the idea of using the internet to find information quickly.

Where Does This Word Come From?

The term “Chegg it” directly derives from the name of the educational platform “Chegg.” The platform is known for providing various educational resources, including textbook solutions, study guides, and tutoring services. Students often turn to Chegg to seek help with homework and assignments, giving rise to the phrase “Chegg it” as a shorthand way of saying “look it up on Chegg.”

Who Uses This Word?

“Chegg it” is commonly used among students, particularly those in high school and college. It’s a term that has gained popularity as online resources become more integrated into the learning process. Students looking for quick answers or explanations might use this term when discussing their study habits.

Examples of Using “Chegg it”

  1. I was struggling with that math problem, so I decided to Chegg it for a step-by-step solution.
  2. Instead of spending hours searching for information, I can simply Chegg it and get the answers I need.

Replacing “Chegg it” in Academic Writing

While “Chegg it” might be suitable for casual conversations, it’s important to maintain a formal tone in academic writing. Instead of using this slang term, consider alternatives like “consult reputable online sources,” “utilize educational platforms,” or “refer to online references.”

“The digital age has transformed how we learn. Now, students can simply Chegg it to find explanations and solutions to complex problems.”

– Emily Davis, Education Advocate


The slang term “Chegg it” reflects the changing landscape of education, where online resources play a significant role in learning. As students embrace technology to enhance their studies, this phrase showcases the integration of modern tools into traditional academic practices. Remember, in more formal settings, opt for appropriate alternatives to convey your message effectively.