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Slang Dictionary: Common Core

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What Does "Common Core" Mean?

What Does “Common Core” Mean?

“Common Core” is a term often used in casual conversation and educational contexts. In slang, it refers to a shared set of basic principles, standards, or expectations that people are expected to adhere to in various situations. These standards can be related to behavior, knowledge, or skills.

Related Words

Other terms related to “common core” include “standard procedure,” “universal expectations,” and “basic guidelines.” These phrases all express the idea of having a common or shared understanding of how things should be done.

Where Does This Word Come From?

The term “common core” has its roots in education. It was originally used to describe a set of educational standards that were developed to ensure uniformity and consistency in what students are expected to learn in schools across the United States. Over time, the phrase has been adapted into slang to describe shared expectations or standards in various contexts beyond education.

Who Uses This Word?

“Common core” is used by people from various backgrounds and age groups. It is commonly used in conversations about expectations and standards, whether in the workplace, social settings, or online discussions. It has become a part of everyday language for those seeking to emphasize the importance of adhering to established norms.

Examples of Using This Word

  1. “We all need to follow the common core of safety protocols to ensure a secure working environment.”
  2. “In this project, let’s establish a common core of goals to ensure we’re all on the same page.”
  3. “The common core for academic writing includes proper citation and research ethics.”

What to Replace This Word Within Academic Writing

In formal academic writing, it’s advisable to use more precise terms to convey your meaning. Instead of “common core,” consider using “established standards” or “widely accepted principles” to maintain academic integrity and clarity.

Quote of the Day

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future, and the common core standards ensure that foundation is strong and uniform.”

– John Doe


While “common core” may have originated as an educational term, it has found its way into everyday slang to describe shared standards and expectations in various aspects of life. Whether you’re discussing workplace guidelines or societal norms, understanding and using this term appropriately can help you communicate effectively in today’s world.