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Slang Dictionary: Pepe

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What Does "Pepe" Mean

What Does “Pepe” Mean?

The slang word “Pepe” is often associated with an internet meme character known as “Pepe the Frog.” This anthropomorphic frog character was created by Matt Furie and originally appeared in his webcomic series. “Pepe the Frog” became a widely used meme in various online communities and is often used to express various emotions, including happiness, sadness, and sarcasm. It is a versatile and recognizable symbol in internet culture.

Related Words

“Pepe” is unique slang and doesn’t have direct synonyms. However, it is part of a broader category of internet memes and emoticons used for online communication. Some related terms and concepts include:

  • “Emoticons” – Symbols and characters used to convey emotions in text form, such as 😀 for happiness or 😢 for sadness.
  • “Internet memes” – Viral images, videos, or text that spread rapidly online, often with humor or cultural references.
  • “Reaction gifs” – Animated images or short video clips used to express reactions or emotions in online conversations.

Where Does This Word Come From?

The term “Pepe” originated from the character “Pepe the Frog” created by Matt Furie. Initially, Pepe was a laid-back and unassuming character in Furie’s comic. However, it gained popularity on internet forums and image boards in the mid-2000s, where users began creating variations of Pepe with different expressions and captions. It became a significant part of internet meme culture.

Who Uses This Word?

“Pepe” is used by internet users of all ages, particularly in online communities and social media platforms. It has found a place in internet culture and is often shared in various contexts to convey emotions, reactions, or humor.

Examples of Using This Word

Here are some examples of how “Pepe” can be used in online conversations:

  • “I’m feeling great today!”
  • “When someone tells a bad joke: 😂🐸”
  • “Pepe represents my Monday mood.”

What to Replace This Word in Academic Writing

“Pepe” is a slang term primarily used in informal online communication and meme culture. It is not suitable for academic or formal writing. In such contexts, use appropriate language to describe the concept, such as “internet meme emoticon” or “popular internet meme character.”

Quote of the Day

Here’s a famous quote that includes the term “Pepe”:

“Pepe is the internet’s way of expressing all the feels.” – Unknown


In conclusion, “Pepe” is a slang term associated with the internet meme character “Pepe the Frog.” This frog character, created by Matt Furie, has become a widely recognized symbol used to convey a range of emotions and reactions in online conversations. While popular in internet culture, it is not appropriate for formal or academic writing, where more descriptive language should be used to explain the concept.