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Slang Dictionary: Sweat

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What Does "Sweat" Mean

What Does “Sweat” Mean?

The slang term “sweat” is used in the context of video games and competitive gaming. It refers to a player who is intensely focused on winning, often to the point of becoming overly stressed, anxious, or agitated. A “sweat” is someone who is highly skilled and tries their hardest in every match, sometimes to the detriment of the fun or casual nature of the game.

Related Words

“Sweat” is part of a vocabulary used in online gaming and competitive gaming communities. Some related terms and concepts include:

  • “Tryhard” – A player who is overly competitive and focused on winning at all costs.
  • “Casual gamer” – Someone who plays games for fun and relaxation rather than intense competition.
  • “Esports” – Competitive video gaming at a professional level, often with significant prizes and sponsorships.

Where Does This Word Come From?

The term “sweat” in the context of gaming is thought to have originated from the idea that players who try too hard can become physically stressed and start to sweat due to the intensity of the competition. It has become a common slang term used in online gaming communities to describe players who prioritize winning above all else.

Who Uses This Word?

“Sweat” is commonly used by gamers, especially those who engage in competitive online gaming. It’s used both to describe overly competitive players and to self-deprecatingly acknowledge one’s own intense focus on winning.

Examples of Using This Word

Here are some examples of how “sweat” can be used in gaming conversations:

  • “That player on the other team is such a sweat, they never stop trying to win.”
  • “I don’t want to sweat this match, let’s just relax and have fun.”
  • “Don’t be a sweat, it’s just a game after all. Enjoy it!”

What to Replace This Word in Academic Writing

“Sweat” is a slang term specific to gaming culture and online communities. It is not suitable for academic or formal writing. In such contexts, use standard language to describe competitive or intense gaming behavior without resorting to slang, such as “highly competitive gamer” or “intensely focused player.”

Quote of the Day

Here’s a famous quote that includes the term “sweat”:

“In the world of esports, there’s always room for both the casual gamers and the sweats. It’s the diversity that makes it so exciting.” – Unknown


In conclusion, “sweat” is a slang term commonly used in the gaming world to describe players who are highly competitive and intensely focused on winning. While it’s a familiar term within gaming communities, it’s not appropriate for formal or academic writing. In more formal contexts, use language that accurately conveys the concept of intense competition without relying on slang terminology.