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Synonyms for Quantitative

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Synonyms for Quantitative

Understanding the Meaning

Quantitative, in its essence, relates to the measurement or expression of quantity. It is often associated with numerical data, facts, and figures, providing a precise and measurable way to describe phenomena.

General Synonyms

  • Numerical: (Adjective) – Numerical data provides quantitative information.
  • Statistical: (Adjective) – Statistical analysis involves quantitative methods.
  • Measurable: (Adjective) – Measurable outcomes are quantifiable.
  • Countable: (Adjective) – Countable items are quantitative in nature.
  • Mathematical: (Adjective) – Mathematical models often deal with quantitative relationships.

Synonyms in Academic Writing

In the realm of academia, precision in language is crucial. Therefore, synonyms for ‘quantitative’ are often used to maintain the accuracy of research and scholarly work. Scholars frequently use terms like:

  • Empirical: (Adjective) – Empirical research relies on quantitative data.
  • Measurably: (Adverb) – The results were presented measurably.
  • Quantifiable: (Adjective) – The phenomenon was quantifiable through specific measurements.
  • Statistically Significant: (Adjective) – The findings were statistically significant, indicating a strong quantitative relationship.
  • Mathematically Derived: (Adjective) – The equation was mathematically derived to represent the quantitative aspect of the problem.

Synonyms, Definitions, and Examples

Here’s a table with synonyms, their definitions, and examples:

Synonym Definition Example
Numerical Relating to numbers; quantitative. The numerical data showed a clear trend.
Statistical Pertaining to statistics or data analysis. The statistical analysis revealed significant correlations.
Measurable Capable of being measured or quantified. The impact of the intervention was measurable in terms of improved outcomes.
Countable Capable of being counted. The number of available resources is countable.
Mathematical Related to or based on mathematics. The mathematical model accurately predicted the results.

Synonyms and Antonyms

Let’s explore antonyms for ‘quantitative’ along with their definitions and examples:

Synonym Definition Example
Subjective Influenced by personal opinions or feelings rather than objective facts. The decision was subjective and based on individual preferences.
Non-numeric Not expressed or represented by numbers. The non-numeric data required a different approach for analysis.
Qualitative Dealing with qualities or characteristics rather than quantity. The qualitative analysis focused on the attributes of the product.
Subjective Influenced by personal opinions or feelings rather than objective facts. The decision was subjective and based on individual preferences.

Quote of the Day

“You may have heard the world is made up of atoms and molecules, but it’s really made up of stories. When you sit with an individual that’s been here, you can give quantitative data a qualitative overlay.” – William Turner


Expanding your vocabulary with synonyms for ‘quantitative’ can be a valuable asset in both general communication and academic pursuits. Whether you’re crunching numbers or delving into qualitative analysis, having a diverse set of words at your disposal allows for greater precision and clarity in your expression.