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Synonyms for Significant

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Synonyms for Significant

The Meaning of “Significant”

“Significant” refers to something that holds importance, meaning, or relevance, often having a notable impact or effect on a situation, context, or outcome.

General Synonyms for Significant

  • Adjective: Important
  • Adjective: Noteworthy
  • Adjective: Meaningful
  • Adjective: Substantial
  • Adjective: Momentous
  • Adjective: Considerable
  • Adjective: Weighty
  • Adjective: Influential
  • Adjective: Remarkable

Synonyms Used in Academic Writing

In academic and scholarly writing, employing a diverse range of synonyms for “Significant” is crucial to convey the magnitude and relevance of findings, observations, or arguments.

Synonyms, Definitions, and Examples

Synonym Definition Example
Important Carrying substantial meaning or impact. The decision to invest in renewable energy is of important environmental significance.
Noteworthy Worthy of attention or notice. The scientist’s breakthrough discovery was considered noteworthy in the field of medicine.
Meaningful Holding deep or significant significance. The artist’s painting conveyed a meaningful message about social inequality.
Substantial Having considerable size, scope, or impact. The company reported a substantial increase in profits for the fiscal year.
Momentous Marked by great importance or significance. The signing of the peace treaty was a momentous event in global history.

Antonyms, Definitions, and Examples

Antonym Definition Example
Insignificant Lacking importance or meaning. The error in the data was deemed insignificant and did not affect the overall results.
Trivial Of little significance or importance. The debate over the paint color seemed trivial in the context of the renovation project.
Minor Having limited impact or consequence. The changes made to the policy were minor and didn’t alter its core principles.
Inconsequential Lacking importance or significance. The grammatical error in the introduction was inconsequential to the overall thesis.
Trifling Of little worth or value. The disagreement over the meeting time felt trifling compared to the larger project goals.


Expanding your vocabulary with synonyms for “Significant” empowers you to convey the weight and importance of ideas, events, and observations. Whether you’re writing a research paper, delivering a speech, or expressing yourself creatively, choosing the right synonyms enhances the impact of your communication.