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Three Amazing Summer Getaways

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It’s hard to choose the best thing about college. You meet new people, learn and grow as a person, and get ready for adult life. The experience is unique and universal at the same time. What’s even harder is to decide what to do when college is off for summer. Your days have been so packed, and it becomes difficult to switch to the slack of mode. So, we have decided to provide a list of summer getaways you might be interested in.

Summer vacation ideas that will keep you active and add a little to your pocket

  1. Become a Camp Counselor

People love camps. For most kids, it’s the first time they are separated from their parents, so it is a special magical feeling. If your memories of the place are great, you should try creating new ones. For some students, working in a summer camp can be even counted as a college credit and a little something to put on your resume.

Disadvantages include very low pay, long hours, and the possibility you won’t get the greatest camp. Sure, if the organizational structure is great and people are nice, you’ll have amazing summer. Otherwise, be prepared to your camp counselor life being rather complex.

  1. National Parks and Destination Resorts

Join the National Parks staff. Employees are required each season, and you can choose a concessionaire depending on where you’d like to end up working. All of them are quite well-structured, but the rules are very strict and the positions are competitive. Additionally, if you are fashion conscious, you’ll hate the uniforms.

  1. Great Lakes and Great Resources

Many amusement parks started offering students more than summer getaway jobs. You can find work and college credits as anything from marketing representative to an accountant. If serious internship does not seem like your kind of summer fun, apply to run a concession stand or operate one of the attractions. You might even get tips.

Finding perfect summer getaways and getting paid is not impossible. You just need to network, be persistent, and apply even if you think you can’t get the job. Basically, it will prepare you for adult job market like nothing else. Just remember to relax enough till the school year starts.