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Tips for Creating the Perfect Discussion Post
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Tips for Creating Perfect Discussion Board Post for your Online Classes

Discussion forums have become an inseparable component of our communication realities. When we join online classrooms, we spend most of our time posting our stories and discussing the most important subjects and topics with instructors and peers. Definitely, online class discussion board provides perfect opportunities for online interactions and learning, so you need to know how to write a discussion board post

When you join an online course, you also expect that your discussion posts will be memorable and impressive. You want to stand out among your peers. You want to be popular. You want to receive positive feedback from your classmates. You also want to earn the highest grades for your discussion posts. Every post is graded, based on its quality and contents. Therefore, you must know how to produce a brilliant discussion post for your online classes.

Now you need to learn how to write a discussion board post, and your discussion posts will boost your popularity among classmates. We have created this article to help you improve your academic results. Follow our recommendations, and you will see how your discussion posts impress your teacher and improve your image and reputation in the eyes of your classmates.

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Content of Discussion Board Post

  • Write a post that is easy to comment. Sometimes, students find it difficult to express themselves clearly. Sometimes, they also use some standard words and sentences which sound boring and don’t favor any discussions. You may want to add a question for your classmates to facilitate comments.
  • Do not simply answer questions; elaborate on them. It is a discussion forum, so you are most welcome to share your personal experiences and narrate your life stories to make your discussion post more interesting.
  • Mention current events to capture your readers’ attention. For example, if you are talking about health care, you can review the latest news and scan the most popular magazines and journals to find relevant articles. Use examples and illustrate your points in your discussion post!
  • Take the knowledge you gained in other disciplines and courses and use it in your discussion post. This way, you will present yourself as a knowledgeable person who easily integrates the knowledge from other disciplines into your course content.
  • You can include a question that provokes your readers to deliver an immediate answer. Or you may take a controversial position on the problem, and your classmates will definitely want to answer. “But if” questions are particularly relevant, when it comes to writing discussion board posts.
  • Do not simply reiterate what others have said. You have to be unique in order to win the best grade. Be different from others. Add something new to your post.

Formatting of Discussion Board Post

  • Your discussion post should be formatted in ways that make it easy to read and understand. Make sure that you follow the standard formatting for online discussion board posts. If your supervisor requires using double spacing for discussion board posts, follow these requirements. If your classmates use Arial 12 for discussion board posts, do the same. Discussion forums are not the best place for being creative with fonts or formatting.
  • No spelling or grammar mistakes are allowed! You will never make a compelling argument or defend your position in a discussion forum if your post is full of spelling and grammar mistakes. The main thing about your discussion post is that it must be readable. Make it easier for everyone else to read and reply to your discussion board post!

Replies to the Discussion Board Post

  • If you want to see dozens of classmates responding to your post, then you will also have to do the same. Make sure that you reply to at least three of your peers every week. Read and review what others have to say and participate in online discussions regularly.
  • If you want to achieve the best results, you will need to respond to each of your classmates at least once during the course or the program. This way, you will present yourself as a person who is attentive to others and has interest in what others have to say.
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It Is Never Too Late to Advertise Yourself

  • Begin your discussion board post with an attention grabber. For example, add a catchy title. Imagine what you would usually see or read on the board posts when you are standing in line or waiting for a taxi driver to pick you up. Look around and find something that you will remember. See how other advertise themselves. What titles or mottos do companies or individuals use to market themselves? Follow their example. Be emotional. Do not be afraid of being exciting. Be creative. Do not limit yourself to a few boring words. After all, this discussion board post should become a reflection of your true personality!

You can use many different approaches and strategies to improve the quality of discussion board writing. However, you should never underestimate the importance of each discussion board post. Our tips will help you move the mountain!

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