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Classification of a teacher

Classification of a teacher Essay Sample

Thesis statement: the person who is regarded as a teacher has different roles to play in society that gives the categories that are explored in this essay. However, when we define a teacher the idea that comes to mind is a person that is instilling knowledge on people and whose career is teaching.  A teacher will play different roles which will be categorized in the following an educator, a parent and a taxpayer.

An Educator

The distinctive role that a teacher plays is that of an educator. He plays this role being part of his profession and his work is to instill knowledge to minds so that the individuals can become contributors in society and the people can use the knowledge acquired to help them in their future endeavors.

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This being a major role, the teacher has the mandate to instill values to the student since the students especially in their childhood spend a major percentage of their time with the teachers. The teachers have a big role to play in the lives of these people. The teacher will not only be expected to teach the school curriculum but also integrate the person to society needs by making the student be an all round person (Sells 1).

For this reason the role of being an educator is very important and the teacher is a vital component in the lives of the students and their parents. Thus the decisions made by a teacher must be very professional so that he does not still the wrong values in a student (Article base 1).

A parent

When the term parent comes to mind what we think of is someone who nurtures the growth of a person till their adulthood when they can be self independent. The teacher will play the role of a parent in two distinct ways; the parent to his students and the parent to his own family. As a parent to his student this involves the teacher going further than just teaching what he is supposed to teach but establishing what problems his student may have to hinder him from reaching his potential. Most teachers are involved in the lives of their students and even care for them as if they were their own.

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A taxpayer

The teacher is also a taxpayer who contributes to the national income through tax deduction made in his salary. This role of a taxpayer makes him a citizen of a country and is eligible to benefits accruing due to the taxes he pays. The teacher as tax payer is important individual to the state since through his noble work he also has the chance to give some of his money to build the state. The teacher allows without complains to have the salary deducted for nation building.

In conclusion, we clearly see that a teacher has different roles to play as an educator which is what we mostly identify with, as a parent which is the additional mile he takes and also as a taxpayer a contributor to the growth of the economy. He plays all these roles but he is still the person who is the teacher. Hence, a teacher should be accorded the respect due them because they are the most important people in child development in the entire universe.

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