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Engineer Classification Division Essay

Engineer Classification Division Essay

Nowadays, the world of knowledge and education has become interesting and yet demanding. Every individual possesses unique learning abilities and chooses a career they want to pursue. One of the more sophisticated fields of studies that one may pursue would be the chemical engineering path. On the contrary, one of the common mistakes that are made by people is the idea that chemical engineers are only involved in the process of making things. However, the knowledge and skills from the chemical engineering field can be applied in various other areas such as education, medicine, law as well as many other fields. In this manner, the following specific career paths that may be taken by chemical engineers will be identified and analyzed: pharmaceuticals, food engineering, and design engineering as well as biomedical equipment technician.

A chemical engineering major can follow a career path in the pharmaceutical field. The application of chemical engineers in the pharmaceutical industry involves a few different roles, ranging from advising medical researchers to developing of new ways to manufacture the new medicine. They also contribute to the design and teach how to utilize machinery that produces new drugs. The chemical engineers apply different concepts in order to discover new methods of producing the new medicine in the most efficient and low cost ways. Their constant research adds to the founding of new medicine and better manufacturing processes. The chemical pharmaceutical engineers often help the medical staff in the planning of more advanced tools to use when giving patients the right dosage of medicine. Their roles and responsibilities are crucial and beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry since they help to reduce potential future expenses.

Another important area that chemical engineers play a leading role is the food production field. The food production engineers have the most advanced expertise and knowledge in how to bring raw foods to our tables in a safe and convenient way. In the course of the recent decades, there have been registered exceptional discoveries in the scientific understanding and engineering methods that led to growth in agricultural production and permitted the production of various processed foods. Through the concentrated efforts of chemical engineers and other scientists, the production and quality of agricultural products became substantially higher, and the number of businesses that manufacture and pack foods and beverages has increased to operations that are worth billions of dollars. The chemical engineers contribution to the improvement of the processing of raw foods is immense and requires a special attention. The techniques of sterilization, packing and monitoring of the food processing represent the core of the creation of the safe and delicious foods available nowadays. A food engineer must have adequate knowledge of microbiology, chemistry of food and other related fields in order to explore and find the best ways to preserve the processed food for a longer period of time without being dangerous to the health of the people. One of the main goals of food engineers is to generate the processed food in such a way that it would not harm people’s health.

The job as a design engineer is another career path that a chemical engineer graduate can approach. A design engineer is usually a part of a big design team that is working on a major project. Some of the design engineer’s roles and responsibilities include the creation of the first drafts of the structures that are being designed. The majority of such engineers require an advanced technological knowledge and proficient computer skills. Sometimes, the designers are asked to build a small model of the machinery in order to test in a real situation. That is the reason why the design engineer must be well informed, capable to comprehend the operations of the structure that is being designed. It is important to take into account the safety of the public when creating a design; therefore, the design engineer sometimes must have certain types of licenses. The design engineers are most often hired by various government agencies, construction companies, and plants that manufacture products for official government use. The responsibilities of a design engineer are quite important for many industries since it helps to achieve tasks that lead to the benefit of the population as a whole.

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Some chemical engineering majors attribute their knowledge into the biomedical field. Especially, the position of a biomedical equipment technician is certainly significant because they help to keep the medical equipment functional at all times. The most common place, one can find a biomedical equipment technician, is usually hospitals and any other medical related institutions. Their sophisticated knowledge and experience allows them to work on all types of medical equipment, hence, their roles and duties acquire extreme value for institutions that have a lot of patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment. They also serve as repair technicians who conduct systematic maintenance operations and verify that the equipment is functioning correctly. A large number of biomedical technicians are hired by the companies who actually manufacture the medical equipment. A biomedical technician goes through vigorous supervised training and must possess good physical and mental abilities since sometimes the work load they are face with may be greater than usual. Biomedical technicians take the role of educators by advising other institutions on various theories, physiological cause and the application of the correct safety practices.

All in all, no matter what career path it is chosen after graduating with a chemical engineering major, it is a fact that the expertise in this field will contribute and influence today’s modern society as a whole. Moreover, the processes used by chemical engineers help benefit the society by creating new useful things for our everyday life and eliminating some life threatening situations in the medical sector.

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