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Human Rights

Human Rights

  1. Introduction

In modern society, the concept of human rights is naturally connected with the general democratization process. Its idea has been established in the public mind. Human rights and freedoms ensure the possibilities for complete development and the use of human qualities, talents, intelligence, and conscience, meeting spiritual, physical and other needs. These are based on the increasing needs of humanity in a life, in which the inherent performance and dignity of every individual are respected and protected.

Thesis Statement: The refusal to grant human rights and freedoms is not an individual or personal tragedy; it creates conditions of political and social unrest, planting the seeds of violence and conflicts within the society and between nations.

    1. The fundamental human rights and freedoms address various spheres of an individual’s life: political, personal, economic, social, and cultures.
      1. The first generation of human rights is represented by the liberal values that were formulated in the course of the bourgeois revolution, and later fixed and dilated in democracies.
        1. It includes the right to freedom of thought, equality before the law, religion, and conscience, equal participation in the administration of state, liberty and security of person, life, freedom from arbitrary arrest, public and legal review of the case by the court.
      2. The second generation of human rights involves the rights, which were developed in the process of a person’s struggle for strengthening economic situation, and reinforcing cultural status.
        1. They are represented by the right to work and free choice of employment, social security, rest and leisure, protection of motherhood and childhood, and education.
      3. The third generation of human rights is represented by the rights that were formulated after World War II.
        1. The third generation of human rights envisages the right to peace, a healthy environment, social and economic development of everyone.
    2. The rights of every individual, regardless of place of residence, are protected by the international community.
      1. A number of international documents were adopted to require countries to observe and promote respect for human constitutional rights and guarantee their observance.
        1. . The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms, which was adopted by the General Assembly of United Nations on 10 December 1948, has become the first major legal act.
        2. The European Convention on Human Rights was adopted on September 3, 1953.
    3. Despite protection of the international community, there are a number of violations of human rights in the world.
      1. The right to life is violated because of the fact because of numerous conflicts and wars throughout the world that lead to a high level of mortality.
        1. Palestinian-peace activists and Israeli-peace activists, who protest for peace and get swift rejection from the Israeli police force, are an example of human rights’ violation.
        2. The production and testing of weapons of mass destruction possess significant hazards since it embodies a serious threat to the right to life in the modern society.
        3. The presence of the death penalty contradicts with the right to life.
          1. The death penalty exists and is widely used in Guatemala, Ghana, Libya, Turkey, Jamaica, Singapore, etc.
          2. Public safety agencies and members of armed groups regularly torture detainees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
      2. The violation of security, procedural rights in the case of deprivation of freedom, and the presumption of innocence presents a significant issue for modern society.
      3. The right to privacy is violated due to numerous communication surveillance.
        1. According to White, the 21st century generation faces a threat to their human rights owing to the secret and massive surveillance that is carried out by the government (1).
      4. Despite Farmer’s arguments that health facilities, food and shelter are the basic rights of any human living on this earth and should be provided to them at any cost (417), people are dying because of hunger and poor health facilities.
    4. The infraction of human rights and the ideas of democracy lead to disastrous consequences on a global scale.
      1. The great states divide the world into spheres of interest and decide the fate of small nations without their participation.
    5. While recognizing cultural diversity and the importance of traditional values, which may differ from the values of the Western world, it is crucial to encourage all governments and comply with the standards of human rights.
    6. Conclusion
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Human rights and freedoms present the basis of the legal system, the central social and legal institution of society and are an indicator of its maturity. They should not only be a declaration but also ensure an effective mechanism for the implementation and protection of fundamental rights. These tasks should be addressed not only by each particular state but by the international community as a whole.

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